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I have too much free time to spare before I start doing my seasonal list but too little time to watch or re-watch a series, nah that’s not quite right, I am actually watching Bakuman at the moment but it was a miscalculation on my part because it was quite a long ride so I am not even halfway through the series and I don’t want to write anything about it as long as I still haven’t seen it completely so that is why I came up with this segment today. Well looking back I have actually already done this in the past, back when I was at 25 or 26ish reputation random guy nonchalantly talking about anime with little to no audience at all (not like it is any better these days though).

Enough of the pity party and back to the topic at hand, well, since I believe that I don’t have that much time to re-watch most of the shows I enjoyed in the past and make a proper or detailed article about ‘em I am hereby calling forth my trump card, “list ‘em and just try to write what you remember about ‘em” post and so with my alibi reasoning clear let us go and do this thing for real!

What to Watch: Anime Game Series [I]

1. Accel World

Genres: Action, Game, Sci-Fi, Romance, School

Studio: Sunrise

First off is a show I last watched way back in 2012 and was one of my earliest addiction apart from the classics and mainstream I grew up watching. A story that came from the same mind that gave us Sword Art Online (not sure if that is a plus or not so I will let you guys decide) making people believe that at some point a link between the two will be established and I for one can see it really happening.

Though I did say that the possibility of the story of this series will converge with that of SAO’s I am not saying that both show’s protagonists will have a chance to meet each other because even though the world they have shares a lot of commonalities, the world of Accel World is like a more futuristic version to that of SAO’s, this was supported by the existence of Nerve Gear in Accel World that was being treated as if it was a relic of the past. That was the roundabout way of proving that Accel World is the future of SAO, the more direct one is that they no longer require gears/ tools to go into a full dive, they are already equipped with one from birth so I guess that more or less settles which is which by now. There are a lot of other theories flying around but I will let you guys dig those details for yourselves but it sure is nice to have two different stories that can cross reference to each other, good way to get your mind blown I tell you.

If there is one thing people complain about the series, apart from the fact that there is no season 2, is how the protagonist is a small and plump guy that totally pales in comparison to the stereotypical main character that one would expect from an action series like this one, add the fact that this is from the same guy that brought us the “best“ anime swordsman and thot collector Kirito-sama, then it is a surefire way to get a whole lot of complaints (don’t worry he still managed to get a harem for himself with a loli to boot). Of course that is not a problem with me, I am not really that concerned about the male character in the first place, what I am after is the waifu plot and this one passed it with flying colors.


The story revolves around Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime that seeks to meet the creator of “Brain Burst”, an application that allows the user to Za Warudo all you want in exchange for burst points, pretty neat huh?. For non-Jojo literate (like me) what I meant by Za Warudo is to stop time but of course it is not like it is really an all you want time stop bonanza, burst points are consumable and scarce, the only way of obtaining them is thru defeating fellow burst linkers in Accel World. That sounds like…. a game? Well duh because it is one, however when one loses all of their burst points the Brain Burst application will be removed and the user will forever be barred from installing it again in addition to having all of their memories regarding the application erased as well.


So what’s the deal you ask? Well what really intrigued me about this show is the character design of their avatars and their color coding scheme, reminds me strongly of those good old Masked Rider days. There is also the legion war aspect and the naming sense for the avatars (Black Lotus, Silver Crow, Lime Bell, Cyan Pile, Scarlet Rain, Sky Raker, Ash Roller, Blood Leopard, Yellow Radio, Dusk Taker, Crimson Kingbolt, Aqua Current, etc.) and their respective legions (Nega Nebulus, Prominence, Great Wall, Crypt Cosmic Circus, Leonidz, Auroral Oval, etc.), it was so much fun for me who loves these kind of stuff ever since a kid. It was also a thrill whenever guild leaders duke it out, they are after all the ones sitting atop the rankings and if one of them manages to defeat all the other kings then the prevailing one will finally be able to reach level 10 and be able to meet the creator of the said application.


2. Log Horizon

Genres: Action, Game, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy

Studio: Satelight

Do you even Database brother?

Log Horizon is the most game-like anime that I have seen to date and that was its strongest suite, especially as it aired nine months after Sword Art Online that left a mixed reception into the “trapped in the game” plot that time. Haters of the latter really took a liking to this one because it stuck by the rules of what an MMORPG should be. One of the biggest criticism towards SOA is how Kirito progresses by overriding the rules of the world he is in just because he is Kirito, of course that wouldn’t be much of a problem if the show was promoted as any other shounen series that gets the MC over a problem by getting stronger during the course of battle but that logic may not be a proper fit to a world of games that is bound by rules that any person who has at least played a game before would know that it is impossible to do certain things regardless of how good you are unless you are cheating, there's a bug or you are equipped with the best armor there is, plot armor. Anyway to make a comparison, if SAO is built on how Kirito overpowers enemies, override rules and basically just power through his journey while adding new grill to his harem at every twist and turn, the protagonist of Log Horizon, Shiroe pushes thru by calculating the best course of action and displaying his great leadership skills. I think having a strategist as compared to the usual brawn type of lead also played to its advantage.


However, it is not like the series is the epitome of what a trapped in a game show must be, there are few things I can comment about like how the animation is really below par and clunky at times as compared to other shows from the same genre making the action scenes seem lacking. Another thing is how the show has a little too much time spared on boring talks that can be a good bed time story if you ever need to be lulled to sleep sometime (just kidding, don’t @ me at the comment section plox). Then there is that love triangle with Shiroe a 23 year old graduate student, Akatsuki a 20 year old college student and Minori, a 14 year old middle school student… you hear that? Yes that’s the sirens of the police coming for you, you lolicon. Now run!


3. No Game No Life

Genres: Game, Adventure, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Fantasy

Studio: Madhouse

No Season 2 For Life is a more fitting title for this one… Why are good shows not getting the continuation they deserve I wonder… oh, I see, it was done by Madhouse, that explains things. Well regardless of the lack of season 2 this show still sits comfortably at the top of most rankings and best anime lists for a very clear reason - Ecchi tag boi.

I am half kidding half serious earlier, this show’s spiciness is really up there and they’ve got a good line up too, let’s see, they’ve got Shiro, a loli with deadpan expression and extreme case of brother complex (she’s 11 years old so only head pat is allowed chief); Stephanie, the mascot character(?) and always the one at the receiving end of the duo’s (Sora and Shiro) mischief; Jibril, a really thirsty girl (for knowledge and for many other things ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and has incredibly high stats (BWH included) but has incredibly sadistic nature, giddy up bois! By the way she is 6, 407 years old so if you are into that then you’ve got the best deal in town; Izuna, a werebeast loli… need I say more? No, no more FBI jokes today.


Well let’s get to the other half of what made this series good, mind games. Who doesn’t want some good brain exercise once in a while, right? It is the only exercise we’d only get so let’s make it count guys. The show boasts some pretty decent tricks and it was a always a thrill to watch how the pair of Sora and Shiro would outwit their adversaries especially since they have always been treated as the underdog in almost all of the matches they’ve had.

The lead duo are also charismatic and I can still remember their “we are weak” speech vividly, especially this part:

“ My brethren we were able to survive and to fight because we are weak. In every era and every place the strong sharpen their fangs while the weak sharpen their intellect.”

That is one of my favorite anime speeches of all time and truth be told, the NGNL anime isn’t even its final form, the movie is a testament to how much still remains in store for us so please someone, make that season 2 a reality… 3rd season won’t hurt too… Aschente.

Dang almost forgot about the cherry on top, the references lol.


4. Overlord

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Supernatural

Studio: Madhouse

You know that feeling in every MMO when you’ve hit the max level then you revisit the town where you started and you relentlessly one shot everything in the area? Yes, this is the anime equivalent of that satisfaction experience. One could also say that this is more or less a more violent and bloody version of One Punch Man because the characters can basically beat almost anyone/anything standing in their way with a flick of a finger and they are are non human characters so it is also an added service to see the side of things from the evil’s perspective, truly a unique piece of distorted entertainment if I’d say so myself.


By the way,this was animated by Madhouse too but jokes on you guys… this show got to 3rd season. So what kind of trick or rather what did they sacrificed to get this far? Animation quality bruh, they sacrificed the quality and gave us one of the most painful to watch anime CGI featuring tin can goblins and lump of walking black solid waste materials that mee-mee like heck, truly terrifying in a different sense of the word. They also added a lot of screen time for characters that I can’t even feel for like who cares about the goblins and H-protagonist guy, but on the bright side they animated a really good part from the novel that many people are excited about, Lizard Intercourse.


I am in for a whopping if I don’t start anytime soon with the positive remarks so here you go guys. First off, the anime has a very satisfying feeling to it whenever the pompous bastards gets reduced to nothing but a pile of bloody pulp, just like when you crush a roach under your feet (you little devil, you felt that didn’t you?). The anime also did well on building its world and displayed a good insight on the politics side of things which further sets it apart from the usual all adventure and action oriented series from the same genre. The character design is also on point, Albedo for one is one of the thirstiest and hawtest anime grill to have ever existed to date, as for Shalltear, I will hold off to my comment for that one. Let’s move on to the battle maid squad of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, “Pleiades of Six Stars” composed of Yuri Alpha, Lupusregina Beta, Shizu Delta, Solution Epsilon, Narberal Gamma and Entoma Vasilissa Zeta they are all deym hawt too, well maybe except the last one, she scares the living lights out of me. And finally the bone daddy that is Ainz Ooal Gown, the wisest and the highest of all the 41 Supreme beings of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. * Sasuga Ainz-sama intensifies *

5. Sword Art Online

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Game, Romance

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Of course this won’t be complete without Sword Art Online, whether you like it or not one thing holds true, this show is one of the most commercially successful anime series there is and that of course comes with a reason, it is entertaining! (Trust me on this one, I am currently watching Bakuman remember?)

Anyway the series already received 3 seasons, a spin-off and a movie so there is no denying it, this show is popular. I may sound too empathetic and biased towards this series because it was one of the shows that got me starting in the medium but its first arc is a total kickass. Kirito vs Gleam Eyes is one heck of a nail biter fight, Sachi’s death was a big tear-jerker, Asuna’s a total babe that can actually do shit (before she got tentacled on the second half, that is), Klein and Agil are real bros, the fight scenes are on point and felt engaging, Kirito dual wielding is a badass cheap move that I can get behind same with Asuna’s weird camera angles, I can get behind those too iykwim * wink *.


Yes it was good… up to that point at least but they had to pull a damsel in distress card outta nowhere and made one of the show’s strongest character a tentacle plaything to a sicko with extra long tongue. Well there was something good that came from that arc in the least, yes, Leafa aka Suguha aka Kirito’s side chick with rocking racks that is actually his real world adoptive sister, well played Japan, well played.

What came after the world of Alfheim Online is a somewhat detached setting in the name of Gun Gale Online and was also the point of reference when the spin-off for the series was made. I said detached because the previous arcs are done in a fantasy type of world with magic and medieval type of weapons, however, GGO as the name implies is world of game that is more reminiscent of modern warfare and the only connection that can be derived from the previous arcs is that they are both virtual reality games that our steadfast and gallant black swordsman played. Of course there is also another good thing that came from this series, yeah, you guessed it right Sinon aka Shino aka Kirito’s side chick, a bespectacled beauty that absolutely has nothing to do with the Kirigaya bloodline, what have you done now Japan?

Almost forgot one of the best arcs from series so far, Mother’s Rosario that stuff is epic but more importantly touching an aspect of the show that most chooses to ditch or ignore just to make fun of the series for the sake of making fun of it, can’t be helped that is how things work over the net.


The third season is currently on a break and will resume sometime this year (which I am too lazy to search when) but it started of to a good note though it slowly crumbled down the middle and even the exhibitionist administrator did not manage to raise it up in the end (though it succeeded on raising something else) I still have my hopes for this one because the dark territory sounds like it will pack more grit and action, wait, did I just jinx it? Well they will mange somehow, I have my faith on the best swordsman after all.


Hmm, I did not anticipate that it would get this long so better make this quick, I have no announcements whatsoever so I will be ending this one for now. See you again next week!



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AccelWolrd my favorite) Its so cute