Let's enjoy some relaxation, art, and dream of the future! | Welcome 2 Slothy's!

Welcome to Season Two of Welcome 2 Slothy's!

Hello Slothicorns!

This week I'm pleased to talk to you while I enjoy a lovely cup of tea at this cafe.

Let's take a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy some relaxation. We all need relaxation.

Are you ready?

One... Two... Three...

Deeeeeeeep breath!

Wheeww. And release.

That felt great!

Last time we talked, we were discussing how to carry on the dream of slothicorn. Today I want to show you something special!

Are you ready? Take a look!

Isn't that marvelous? We've gone from 3 steem to over 12 steem power in such a short time! And generous slothicorns have delegated 45 steem to our cause! Thank you so much to those slothicorns who believe in this project. At this rate our daily curation will be restored in no time!

I've been thinking about what we should do with our time together and I've decided. Starting next week, we are going to learn more about blockchain together. We will start with bitcoin that started all of this and become very smart and clever slothicorns as we build in Ciphernoon and exercise our brains here.

Planet Slothicorn will be even more amazing as we become very skilled slothicorns.

Speaking of... we did a special curation this week! Did you see it? I'll share it with you again now!

Lovely. It's important to restore the daily art curation but it is also important to not forget that even 1 steem can make a difference. So we will be giving 1 steem prizes to artists as we earn so we can show them how much we appreciate them continuing to post their wonderful work in the slothicorn tag.

This work of restoring slothicorn, of building Planet Slothicorn will take time. But let's make sure to enjoy beautiful art and relaxation along the way okay? That is the true secret of slothicorn.

Join me again next week for more Planet Slothicorn updates and more beautiful slothicorn art.

Mmm... This tea is nice... Ehh.. Ahhhh...

Featured Art: https://steemit.com/drawing/@scrawly/noblesse-cadis-etrama-di-raizel-5b329035202d

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We're at 57/50,000 STEEM POWER towards our goal of restoring daily art curation!
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Creative Commons License This work by welcome2slothys (http://www.slothicorn.com) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This license does not extend to the artwork feature. Please see original artist posts for specific artwork licenses.

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Thanks for your gift btw! :3

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