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RE: Let's Keep the Dream Alive! - Season Two of Welcome 2 Slothy's!

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Super good,: D die for starting this new project always support your trail, I know we must join even more to be independent and not the same as slothicorn, I think we have to push more to the trail delegation, I am the First, I would delegate to you. They have my absolute support.


Thank you! I added delegation links to the post. :3

but whom should I delegate to @ slothicorn¿ I have many doubts, will be slothicorn the one that will heal or @planetslothicorn, how and when will it be? Is there a post that explains the project¿

Unfortunately, I do not know what will happen with @slothicorn as @stellabelle has the account and is not interested in @slothicorn any more and won't let me have it. I do not know if she will do anything if you delegate to that one.

@planetslothicorn is my project where I will restore the daily art curation because I am sad about what happened to @slothicorn. So you can delegate to @planetslothicorn if you want to help restore the daily art curation.

I'm going to contact you privately