Poll:58 Have you visited a Zoo lately?

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Just about everywhere you go now has a zoo. It's great we have a chance to to see some wild animals where otherwise it would have never been possible other than taking a vacation in that particular region where that or those animals originated from. Zoo's are of great value to all of us specially in a time when animals and their habitats are disappearing at an alarming rate.

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Poll:58 Have you visited a Zoo lately?

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#Poll:58 Have you visited a Zoo lately?

omgs, no .. even the thought of all those caged animals makes me sad, to see a polar bear or tiger in a little place thats about a hundredth or 1/1000th of the normal mileage it would have ... :(

i know many of these creatures would die to poachers and what not but its still a sight i cant bear

No,I never see to visit the zoo

Yes, I visited zoo. I like the birds

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