if Earth was an MMO: the mysteries of evolution

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How the split happened


{This is a little project to discuss some elementary elements of evolutionary biology in an approachable way, a kind steemian told be that the earliest installment was very similar to a youtuber named TeirZoo, so I am changing up the content to focus more on the science in an approachable way than certain animals}

The server patch notes from so long ago are shaky, but what is known is that at some point the primates split from the rest of the mammals

There are a few player created theories to explain the ingame lore. One or a combination may be true, so lets see them and I will give my opinion on them:

Angiosperm Radiation

With the rise of angiosperm plants (those that flower and bear fruit), some mammals saw a new ecological niche to exploit to gain a resource advantage over other in-game classes. These creatures started progressively speccing higher into visual acuity as a whole, but primarily into color vision and depth perception. This gave the creatures a greater ability to see flowers, fruits, and also insects. As a result of their diets, the more advanced primates developed tooth patterns (dentition) that were more effective at eating a range of foods. They also specced into better manual dexterity for grasping food, this increasing their gather rate. This theory sucks imo becuase angiosperms had existed long before the primate evolution took place and stresses terrestrial living despite the fact that most primates are arboreal.

Visual Predation

This theory is basically the same, but it does not say it was to coincide with the rise of angiosperm plants.

Arboreal Living

This is the one I trust the most. I explains vision and dexterity in the same ways as the previous, but instead of thinking primates were terrestrial, it states that the early-game builds were primarily arboreal. The prehensile hands passive aided in climbing and the stress of depth perception makes the climbing QTE's more forgiving. The majority of primates are still arboreal today and the ones who are not (with the exception being humans) have long arms and are still able to traverse trees fairly well.

They aren't called monkey-bars for nothing


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