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A while ago I promised some more personal posts, here's the first one :)

Update January 16th: Linda has found a beautiful family with a retired couple living right outside Málaga with a big garden, another small dog and several cats. See the photo at the end of the post. The rewards of this post will be matched by me and donated to Asociación Protectora de Animales de Benalmádena FIDELIO who connected us.

Those who met me know I'm a total dog person, even thought of becoming a trainer for a while (until I realized that telling ignorant people simple things they can read in thousands of books or the internet, just to see them not changing much in their behavior anyway and keep blaming the dog instead would drive me mad very soon).

My Hovawart Mix Juka never leaves my side. There's a big downside to that - she's the canine equivalent to a only child. Sharing is just not her thing.

So what could be better to work on that than introducing another pet? There's no lack of abandoned animals here in Spain, but it took a while to find the right one. First off, it shouldn't be something permanent. I like to travel, and that's difficult enough with one furry companion. I would have loved a cat because I imagined amazing photos, but after the experiences with spanish cats during the last year I don't think Juka still liked them as much as she did back when she only knew cuddly ones back in Germany.

Over the holidays I came across Linda. She's a 8 month old Brittany (female, obviously), with a weight of 10kg. A young girl got her right after coming out of school, with no idea about dogs at all. Linda had to spend most of the days and the whole nights in a way too small box, didn't get the follow up vaccines, no toys or bones to chew on, and doesn't know anything. Well, she has a slight idea of the concept of sit, but that's it. And the reaction to her name equals the one to the word "no".

She arrived in the cage she lived in. That was the last time she had to squeeze in there

Despite the bad time she had, she's such a heart! There's no aggression, and for a couple of treats she's all ears and tries to impress. She and Juka get along pretty well. Of course they still have to figure out some ranking issues, but these just help my cause in showing my big one that I am the one who decides who gets love or food in my house. And most of the time they sleep side by side already :)

I have some locals with facebook accounts who will help to find a new family for her in the next weeks, keep your fingers crossed for her that her journey comes to an end soon (and for me that I don't accidentally have a second dog forever)!

She stayed with us for two weeks, these are the wonderful people who took her up in their family

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Thank you for posting this lovely story @pharesim.

She is beautiful.....

Hopefully you will find a good home for her soon....but then if you do decide you are in need of another pet......she sounds like a keeper.

All the best to you and yours. Cheers.

My favorite part of having dogs is training them.

I once spent months trying to teach my brother's dog to talk with no luck. So I finally I grabbed my phone, pulled up a youtube video of a dog talking on command and showed it to his dog. As crazy as this sounds, it actually worked, now the dog is always trying to mimic us, it is hilarious.

Meh man cute doges I used to have a dog w hile I was kid but some bad people stole it and I never able to find it again , now I don't want to get under that responsibility again.


¡Qué belleza!

Wow, she's beautiful! i love dogs, always have.

The style of looking the dogs are smartly focus that's i have seen

Hi Linda! And cool post by the way @pharesim. :-)

  • resteemed too 👍

i love so much gods
your post its so good

First of all, a big thank you for rescuing Linda, that is a wonderful thing you did she has had such a bad life it breaks my heart, animals are so innocent and they should be treated as such with only love, your other puppers is so cute to I'm sure they are having a lovely time together, best wishes for Linda , whether you keep her or find her a loving home. Bless you

Ohhhhh @pharesim, this post shows your love and care for pets.

Kinda & Juka are iteresting characters you have. nice couple of pet dogs.

Really glad to see your post. keep it up.

I am also thankful to you for your regular support here on steemit.

congratulations dear friend @pharesim for your love of animals, our family we love the mascot, in the update we have three dogs and two parrots, before we had three Cyberian dogs, a cat and a turtle.
beautiful your pets, they appreciate that they are very happy in your company
thank you very much for sharing this personal story
I wish you a great day

Los animales rescatados son siempre agradecidos, a pesar de sus tristes situaciones tienen infinito amor para entregar.
Espero llegué a un hogar lleno de amor, paciencia y responsabilidad, donde jamás deba regresar a las calles.
Bella Linda con sus manchas.


Yo sí quiero que accidentalmente tengas otro perro, el que rescata siempre es el mejor hogar.


No, que luego me toca a mi cuidarles cuando se va jajajajaja


Eso es fácil, uno le dice: siéntate y come, ve a lavar los platos, juega con la pelota y listo. 😂 Ja ja ja

She’s sooo cute . I love the picture where she is just laying down 😍

Ohhh You brought my College days Memory Back!
I had a dog back in 2010 his name was LUNDA, i have never seen such faithful creature so far, not even human beings. Such an innocent creature and always very supportive.
Lunda met an accident and after he died but his memories are long lasting. This beautiful Linda reminds of my Lunda. Both look quite similar.
These lines stole my Heart

And most of the time they sleep side by side already :)

Thanks for sharing this cute and beautiful post @pharesim <3

By the way Today i also wrote My Introductory Post, first ever post here on steemit :)
Massive Respect and Love to you for this act of kindness

very nice dog

but after the experiences with spanish cats during the last year

They wouldn't leave in the morning?

Dogs are the best. This is Viski and I reading in the mornings.


They wouldn't leave in the morning?

Haha :D It was more about the claws

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad.........Rip my little dog ''max"miss u so much,u always bring tears to my eyes..

The story is enthusiastic......nice writeup.......

where am from we eat dogs, but these are too cute

She is adorable @pharesim. Is the other one a German Shepherd?

Greetings from the new member of our family! My aunt rescued this dog recently!


I'm definitely a dog person too (or animal person in general). Unfortunately allergies make it so I'm better off enjoying other peoples pets in small quantities; otherwise I end up feeling like death incarnate.

That's great you're willing to take in a mistreated dog and help her find a better home. It's always sad when someone gets a pet but doesn't know what they are doing so they end up abusing it.

Fingers crossed, to help animals is a noble act.

TBH when you said Linda and said you would post more personal stuff, i thought Linda was your S/O

A good dog kept it

Oh my god. I just had a flashback to my dog, McEnroe, who was not a Brittany but a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. But the coloration of your dog and my late dog are almost identical! My dog was much fatter though (apparently he didn't want to be the 'lap dog' he was bred to be).

Congratulations on a new addition to the family!

~ Kevin

nice dog sir

Such a cutie! It's sad how people think dogs are great gifts for kids but not go into the effort of learning with the kid or teach the kid how to take care of a dog. Hope Linda finds a good home or may be you could take her in 😊

Looks like they became friends. Hopefully, your dog won't miss his new friend when he finds a new home.

Nothing warms my heart like seeing the bond being man and dog. You have a helluva friend there. I'll bet freedom feels damn good that puppie after being in that little cage. I love the picture where they are both sleeping together.

Dogs are man's best friend but not all of us can say we are their best friends. Their loyalty is what I like the most about them. Hope Linda gets a good new home soon.

She seems to be such a happy and energetic dog!
We also have a rescue dog and I always consider it a grand act to give a better life to a living being.

Lovely set, hope to see more of her soon!

Kindest regards,

That's awesome! You're a foster parent ☺️

Haha, good luck finding Linda a new home 😁
I temporarily took in a small abandoned miniature Jack Russell Terrier whilst looking for a new forever home for him. I didn't really want another dog.
Three years later, Booboo is still with us, and always will be. All of us became very attached to him.
Great post and fabulous photos. Linda suits her name....she is beautiful.

" just to see them not changing much in their anyway and keep blaming the dog instead "

It's very true friends of mine are constantly complaining about their dog being too "lazy" to listen. Giving them all kinds of attributes. The owner must show to be a good leader for their dog.

Great thing you did here man! I hope she will be well :)

Good to e-meet, @pharesim, and learn a little bit more about you. The Sufi mystics say that: if you want to learn how to love, love a dog.

I can see how Linda is a good example of that and hope she finds a good home, soon (she's already lucky to found a tender-hearted soul like you).

Thanks, too, for supporting my art. I've just followed you, and look forward to knowing you (& Juka :) better over time. Cheers, Yahia

Such a goooood giiirl. You have a nice dog and she also is lucky to have a dog lover owner.

Hai linda :)

So sweet

I have a dog too. A small, energetic, gorgeous chihuahua. Her name is "Dulce" (I means "Candy") but usually we call her "loca" (Meaning "Looney") because she is so eager to express her happiness all the time by running, playing, jumping and stuff that she kinda looks like a little bit kookoo. :)

I wish Linda the best, thank you very much for sharing!

Lol, I like how she puts her butt on the other doggo's face while sleeping! And I have a feeling you'll have a second dog forever! haha :D

aw! so sweet :D
getting attached?
Im worried for Juka though I hope Brittany doesn't fart while sleeping hahahha peace :D

Dogs are wonderful companions and teachers of unconditional love...


Thank you for your regular support of my photography posts!




aww so cute

I'll never get tired of pet introduction posts. So great to see rescue animals too :).

Do you know what Linda means? It means Beautifull :P

I used to have a Golden Retriever. His name was Victory. He was full of energy. Because of downsizing, the only place for us to stay was in the apartment.
The management didn't allow us to keep the dog and we have to send him away to another family. Unfortunately, he died a year ago. All of us still miss Victory.
Make sure you got a good family for Linda.
Thank you for sharing.

Hello man ?

How are you ?

Posts are very good friends ,,,

Hi Linda! Glad you are home safe! Maybe one day we can play together 🐶🐾

The part about her reaction to her name being the same as to the word no , that alone is enough to make a person fully understand what trauma the poor dog has had to endure.

She has more love and trust than most people that have not suffered a day in their lifes.


He is your friend,
Your partner,
Your defender,
Your Dog.
Your his life
his love, his leader.
He will be yours,
faithful and true,
to the last beat of
His heart.
You owe it to him
to be worthy of
such devotion....
I love Puppy

So sweets your dog and very cute.

No more cages. I love how she's enjoying the nap.

Wow nice doggy.I respect you for your animals love.I like your every interesting post.Thanks for sharing.Upvote and resteem done.

wow..this is a very nice story :)

So cute young Brittany :-)

your animals photography is awesome

Dogs are indeed great family

You have a strong emotional connection with animal @pharesim. I am also a very fond of animals, one of which I like most is an elephant. I often go to the jungle just to see them and immortalize them through my camera.

"...promised some more personal posts..." That was a nice surprise. You can keep those dog stories coming all day long! I have owned large dogs all my life, among them a St. Bernard and a Great Dane, all "problem dogs", all from shelters. You are so right about the ignorance of people! Our Great Dane for example: How f.cked up abusive does one have to be to turn a Great Dane into an aggressive biter?

Luckily, they're very smart and know exactly when they're being loved. She turned out to be the sweetest thing towards us, but to her last day a problem traveling or even walking, and she required a muzzle in public. Still, we took her everywhere. But you're right: It used to be easier to bring dogs to public venues.

20081102.0640 Bad Wildungen.jpg

Please, please make sure Linda finds a home where people have a little dog sense. After that box ordeal she deserves better!

In recent years, due to a handicap, I had to downsize considerably (Maltese) and you know what? He's just as as much fun as a big dog! (In fact, he doesn't know he's little.) I couldn't be without a dog, ever.


Here's our two rescues. Love them to bits!


Legolas says: "hello linda, you are invited to my crib!"

Legolas says hi and invites Linda to his crib :)

your Linda is a beauty

Aaw! Cute dogs! I love them! I have had two assistant dogs, they are so clever! :D

I love pets but somehow I get scared when they lick me. The only pet I dont get scared of is my neighbour's dog. They got him one day old and so cute he is that I allow him to touch me.
Linda is so very adorable. She's a lucky baby to have found you for her.

Not the dog type.. I only love dogs while they are still puppies.

nice....are u interesting to join #dailypetphotography ?

Aww, they look so cute sleeping side by side! :) I'm very happy you rescuied her from the bad situation she was in. I guess you can still consider actually having two dogs from now on, they look as they were selected to look well together :)

They are super cute!

she is so cute !! you a kind person.

Bless you for rescuing her from that cage.
Its hard to believe people leave animals in such small cages?

If you were in Mexico, Spain,?
I am in Acapulco I will gladly add Linda to my family along with daily hikes and playing with orphan kids at the beach.

very interesting to read, also to see, some pictures above i like.

it's interesting to read. :)

She is so cute like my dog :) Followed my friend.

She really is adorable, even if she can't distinguish between no and her name. She's lucky to be on that cozy looking couch next to her new friend Juka rather than stuffed in that awful pink crate. How'd she even fit in there?!!? I do hope you find her a suitable home before you both get too attached. Looks like she already likes you quite a lot – smilin' big and happy!

How old your Juka is? Seems like very big?
Hope that Linda will find a loving family soon.

I love animals and my wife works as a therapist with animals (Animal-assisted therapy).
All the "problems" that dogs have, they are because of incorrect habits of their owners, we do not always know how to behave with our tools.

Omg your dogs are amazing! I have a german spitz half-breed. We found her outside when she was a month old and kept her. (someone tried to get rid of her) She is a part of our family ever since (12 years). It is comforting for me to see that there are more people who help animals, this way or the other. Good job!

I am so glad Linda found you. No matter where she goes for her forever home, you are the one who changed her life. <3

Very cute addition. Glad I met Juka at the steemfest ;)

I'm totally a dog person too! from my very childhood I feel deep love exactly to them!
my heart is full of tears when I see abandoned dogs, they're clever, they understand anything and they feel a human have left them... it's so painful(
there're golden words "Only a dog can love a master more than himself". It's really so, their devotion is heroic and endles..
I hope this pretty reddish dog will be loved very soon!

How beautiful your dog, I love these little angels. They always end up being the most faithful. The only thing they ask for is love and affection. And we fill our days with joy when we feel sad most are the best.

That's why in my country there is a saying that is like a metaphor that says the more I know the people, the more I love my dog

Greetings from Venezuela I hope we can continue reading

@pharesim because I love dogs and I love what you did I am Upvotibg this post in hopes you can continue your good works

Cute doggy...

Just wanted to say hello! I really like a lot of the content you've posted and shared and will be following you. Keep up the good work!

They are so cute together! :)

Awwwnnn. She's so cute. I'm sure she will get along with Juka so well. Welcome home Linda😊. #dogfreak

Lovely story and pretty dogs <3

Lol. All it takes for me to look at a post is a cute dog thumbnail. Thanks for posting this @pharesim and thanks for rescuing.

I just voted for you up as witness - based solely on the fact you're a dog person !😂😂

I'm a dog person too. (and find people who aren't- a little bit suspect, tbh!)

Wow, you make me want to get a dog so badly! Linda looks perfect. She's lucky to have a new mom like yourself. As soon as I get my Akita I'll follow your footsteps and introduce him to the community.




Hope you have experience and a lot of patience. Akitas are definitely not dogs for beginners.


I have a lot more patience than experience, but thanks for the warning. I'm also going to invest in a trainer when the time comes to show me the ropes as well.

I also always wondered why can't people learn basic information about the needs of the animal and its habits before they get a dog. In the end, having a dog is a very responsible step. More responsible can only be the desire to have a baby :)

Thank you for this kind story. Dogs are amazing creatures who can forgive and forget everything under the influence of love.

They are both way too cute! I'm afraid it wouldn't take long for a dog lover like me to "be stuck with a second dog forever"!! :) I have to ask you, how are the cats in Spain? ("but after the experiences with spanish cats during the last year"). I live in Mexico now, but am from Canada and I was shocked to see the general negative treatment of animals in the town we live in. Of course I'm not generalising and saying every dog and cat owner is terrible; there are a lot of good ones!), but I'm always curious to see how different cultures view their animals. We lived for a while in an apartment with two big dogs and two cats....after a couple of "pecking order" fights, it was home sweet home. Thanks for a great post; animal lovers like yourself have an immediate place in my heart:) Cheers!


I came back here today to say thank you because your post encouraged me to write about my pets and I made reference to you and this post, but now I realise you don't actually get 'notified' about that (I'm only one month in and still learning :)... So thank you again! Cheers :)

It's really amazing to get to know the person behind some generous votes, who may be a role model for you on Steemit, and see it's human side when he's surrounded by love and happiness.
Animals complete our soul and teach us unconditional love!

Thank you sir, for sharing icy beauty and good luck!
Ⓢ ⓣ ⓔ ⓔ ⓜ Ⓞ ⓝ!
And be love!

She is so sweet. I hope that you can find a home for her. I have an accidental cat that I rescued and couldn't find a place for. It happens :)

What a cute Linda! Nice story too..

Cool dog you have @pharesim 😁. I also love mans best friend, so most of my post like on "steepshot" are all about dogs and dogs! I have a pet dog, a half breed of "chowchow" and a "german sheperd" i named it "chow". Chow is a 10 month old dog now, she is very sweet and very playful, always running around the yard, with a slipper on her mouth! Hahaha! Clever dog it is! Im glad that we have a dog like "chow", it takes away negativeness in life minus the stress. Im also happy about your cute dog "Linda" and "juka" their so lucky to have a friend like you @pharesim 😁.

Hello Linda. You are beautiful :P +1 woof 4 u