Kitty Sunday #3

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Hey Steemians and welcome to the Kitty Sunday number three - a weekly cat update :)

Last week I was asking you guys for some cat toys recommendations, @dlina-v-metrah suggested I make some with yarn I think, I should really get to it since I actually have plenty of yarn left from the time I would knit some accessories.

Even being the fluffiest one of the three, Princess Lenorka started trying to sleep under the covers with me ALREADY! It only cooled down by a few degrees. The weather changed pretty fast, didn't it!
Oh yeah after I took those pictures of her in the garden I noticed that I have quite a few tomatoes to pick.

I've been eating them like grapes for the last couple days, I swear to go home grown tomatoes taste simply amazing and if you haven't grown them before, try doing it next year!

Artax is being a flower girl in the yard, look at that beautiful face! I think I am going to collect more flowers and take a whole lot more photos of cats with them, these pictures crack me up so bad hahaha.

And the last one for today is our step daughter Foot-Foot being aseep on a chair.

Oh yeah I am going to see Cold Cave tonight, gotta go get ready! See you tomorrow!!!

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omfg that first one of princess is TOO CUTEEEEE!!!!

It is indeed! Princess kitty is just adorable hahahaha

Hahaha nice!

You really took some incredible pics there amazingly awesome great to see the post again :)

More kitty pics next Sunday! Thank you!

waiting for the next sunday to be a funday again :D

It will be!

Your cat is so cute! It was great to see your pictures and read the story.

Thank you @firepower! I am going to try and do this cat thing every week hahaha

These are amazing cats and amazing photos. Suprised you didn't put it on Caturday but Cat subday is good too. These cats lift me up.

Yeah, I decided I will do cats post on sundays haha for some reason

Warm welcome kotturinn ... after a long absence , Tomatoes are very good for health and it also comes in fruits category ... I also eat one when I open the door of refrigerator.... Its very good that we are getting updates by kitty Sunday about our friends Lemorka, Foota and Artax ........... the beautiful face of Artax shows that she is very happy... The flowers on her face shows that how much you love them.... Its great kotturinn...


Thanks a lot! I really need to focus more on what I am going to write about in those cat update posts, my mind seem to always go blank when I try to talk about what my cats did during the week haha

I really like and love your "Kitty Sunday" series... and it shows that how much pets are important to you...

Very nice photos and I am very impressed you could get Artaxntonsit still with the flowers and pose like that.

You are surrounded by so many beautiful and loving cats, it's definitely a special feeling having such wonderful pets.

It wasn't easy to get her to sit still with plants on her head haha. She would try to look away all the time too, but somehow I was able to get a couple shots that were not complete garbage haha

Very impressive ! Yes you better be fast on that trigger :)

Ah CatsWearingFlowers. I'm in! I don't think I could get mine to sit still long enough to catch a photo though! Those tomatoes, 100%!

You should still try, they may not care if they are too lazy hahaha!
I was impressed with the tomatoes too, I love them, especially in a salad with basil!

I love cherry tomatoes, they are super healthy!Your cats are adorable☺️

They are! You should come pick some in my garden!

Send the address please😁😁😁

Such a nice cat. Beautiful pictures and the one inside of the bag is so funny.

Thank you! Yeah she loves bags!

The majority of cats

Thnx @kotturinn for putting this info all together.

No problem :)

Oh Foot Foot

God punished her and put in a bag.

The name "jaguar" comes from a Native American word meaning "he who kills with one leap".


@kotturinn, cats are very beneficial to humans

good I am following you, I hope you will also Resteemed me this honor to me

Great! Thank you!

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