How I met "LAURE"- Story of my pet

in animals •  11 months ago

So I couldn't stay a longer time away from our steem family, so I am back here guys. So I was thinking to write something about my pet cum brother "LAURE" as I mentioned him in my introduction post.
So here is laure :-
So let me begin from the beginning how I met him and all. He was just 1 week or 9 days old when one of my friend saw him near a railway station laying beside his dead mother. He couldn't see this little puppy in such a hactic situation and he bought this puppy with him to his room. He took the 1st care then me to him. Then 1 day as I was crossing my friends room, I saw this little puppy and I asked my friend to give him to me. Without refusing he gave this little puppy to me. Then I took him to my hostel. And all my friend were happy and excited to see a new member in our hostel family. So now the 1st problem was to keep his name , a perfect one. So everybody started giving suggestions. Some told REX, some came with some common names and then a junior brother in my hostel have a unique name to him, which is "LAURE". LAURE means SOLDIER in Nepali language and yes my pet is a soldier. So keeping his name was over and now we are to prepare for his permanent living with us. He got a small bed like cushion for him. Laure is just very punctual of time as because he used to sleep at 10 p.m everyday and wakes up everyday at 5 a.m and makes me up too. But he is the laziest dog as I have seen till now from my point of view. He just keeps sleeping the whole day and hardly plays for 2-3 hours in daytime. But at the evening time it's his daily routine to go for a walk for minimum 2-4 km. He is helping me out too for maintaining my health by making me walk with him everyday. He usually takes bath 3 times a week.
So this was a short intro session about my "LAURE". Will be updating more about him and other things soon.
Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

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Laure looks thoughtful in that photo 😁

More power to him 👊


Ya man he really is 😂

Heart touching story of your Laure. We should take care of animals. Let me describe a real fact how people behave with animals.
When I see people confronted with animals,particularly dogs; they behave like getting a electrocution and start making noise all around. I feel very bad at the cruel behaviours shown by them to animals. They too deserve love and affection which they want the most from us.


Yeah I agree with you and glad to see animals lover like you are still there. Hope will make some helping hands someday to all other street animals.


Definitely,if you cultivate this beautiful thinking, the world will be a better place to dwell around.


Hoping for the best then brother.

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