My visitor in my garden, Grasshopper!

in #animals2 years ago

I have seen a grasshopper on the garden, I was shock , because this is different from other? so I research form the meaning of this insect and here they are maybe he is plant-eating insect with long hind legs which are used for jumping and for producing a chirping sound, frequenting grassy places and low vegetation. Have you seen like this? he is so beautiful kind of grasshopper!
I remember when I was young, I often hunted the grasshopper, using the jack fruit resin I placed at the end of the rattan. But I did not see this kind of grasshopper, this is different, because he is colored green as a fresh leaf.And he is totally fresh looking and kindly approaching, not like my time they are wild you can not almost get close to him. But this one is amazed me for his colored, and I know when I take a couple of shot with him, he didn't moving while i guess he likes to have a souvenir picture.cm3l56gow6.png
He looks cool and approaching while eating grass!
Even I was near and far from him, he didn't disturb eating. I was amazed to him. because he is so kindly.
He is different from my other grasshopper visitor.and believe it or not before on my terrace one of them visit me and here is the shot that i was posted before!
What did you say about the color of this one?
6uctr23exl.jpg xajwzrsbqd.jpg rhdncxli2d.jpg un74giuyc3.jpg

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Those 2 grasshoppers looks beautiful. Especially the first one looks unique. Awesome photography.

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