Ducks on the Farm

in animals •  last year

Just sharing a cute video of the ducks on the farm. There are about ten ( I haven't gotten around to naming them yet). They live in a little pond that Herbert dug out for them, right next to the fish pens. It's feeding time in the video and in the background you can hear Herbert and I talking about the duck egg production. We would take them out in the past but because the ducks are "brooding" (a fancy word for sitting on fertilized eggs) we can hopefully expect some babies soon. I am reading up on duck reproduction and hope to monitor the next brood cycle more closely. For now you can just enjoy the video and keep reading!

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Cute video @farmer.ace!! We started with 3 ducks now were up to 13.😀


aww thats so exciting! I am following you to hopefully see some live action duck content! :)

Welcome to steemit! If you are ever looking for a group, actually a community, of homesteaders/gardeners/self-sufficient like-minded people, I am the moderator of a group here... also the "un"official ambassador to the group.
let me know and I can post an invite link here for you!


Hey there thanks for the welcome! I would love an invite - always looking to check out new content and connect with like minded folk! I don't know how groups work either yet so maybe we can chat about that too.


Absolutely! Here is the link
Join Link:

The Front Porch is the main chat area and if you have any questions, just ask. Someone there can usually answer! Welcome aboard!

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