Elephants, the gentle giants. A wonderful experience to see them in the wilderness

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Hello friends,

I want to share some photos and videos i took of elephants in the wilderness exclusively with you, that no one else got to see so far. Being face to face with very big animals like elephants let you feel small and negligible. On my travels through Sri Lanka, I was able to see these peaceful giants in their habitat, just 5 meters in front of me. A mother with her calf grazed near the road and didn't care about us. I could have watched them all day long...





Here is a short video I took with my GoPro 5

Thanks for stepping by :)



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Love it! :D


Thanks mate

Great pics and vid, would love to see more :)

I love these. My 5-year-old saw them behind me, and got very excited. (She's a big fan of elephants.)

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img credz: pixabay.com
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seems like beautiful day for hreat experience ☺


Yeah it was! :)


must be 😊

What a great post


Thank you :)

nice pic



It's great @ddot, you are very lucky to travel Sri Lanka, enjoyed your shots with elephants. Thanks for sharing


It was a wonderful trip! Thanks for your reply
Greetings @ddot


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Lovely photos of the elephants! It must be amazing to get so close to them! Please reply and I will nominate your nature photos to the @OCD Curators!


Thank you that would be great!! Appreciate it :)

I opened your article to see if you were going to give us information about the elephants' intelligence and social consciousness, which I understand are awe inspiring. Thanks for the photos.

I write to ask you a favour: please do tell me (I will Follow you) if any Steemit "whale" complains that your donation list is illegal or inappropriate.

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Giving us the chance to ask for donations is a beautiful step, and I certainly hope you do not got any 'flak' for doing so.


You right I should have given some more information about the elephant itself.
To wander your question, no one has complained about it and it is pretty common too. Even the whales often do that. I mean no one is forced to donate anything, and if some one is in the mood and wants to send over a gift, there you go.
There is no rule I can think of, which forbids that.

Thanks for reading my article and commenting!
Greetings @ddot


Thanks for your response. And do please consider sending us some information about the social behaviour of the elephants.
I recently saw a video about some impressive temples from ancient India. The speaker hypothesized that the extremely heavy stones that were used had to have been moved by elephants, and he showed a movie where two elephants moved a very large boulder. One was at each end of the boulder -- one pulling a rope and the other pushing on the boulder.
They had to be cooperating in a human-like manner to do that, and they had to have much more than ordinary intelligence to understand the human request to move the boulder. And they move the boulder in a very specific direction along the roadway.
The speaker explained that there are people whose profession involves learning to communicate with the elephants, and then direct the elephants to do a great variety of things.
Concerning the coin addresses that donors can use, I am very happy to have your news. I plan to use them when I post a piece where my effort was very significant (a few days of work), and I feel that among those who understand what is in the peace, there will be some who believe that the value that it conveys deserves more than what one receives from a Steemit reward. So, thanks for this news.


Thanks a lot. I will enjoy it.

Elephants are wonderful animals. Thanks for sharing.


Indeed they are. :)