Man Eating Shark Caught Off Jersey Coast | 101 Years Ago

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101 Years ago the US newspapers reported about deadly shark attacks near New York and Jersey. With creepy pictures and tearful headlines people were scared. The sharks were called "man-eaters" and the most important goal was to kill these animals.

Today I want to show you two examples. They have been published on the same day in different newspapers. The first one was the "South Bend News-Times":

This nine and one-quarter feet man eating shark, whose head is shown above, was caught off Bolford, N. J., by Paul Parnon. When the shark was cut open. 12 baby sharks, 18 inches long, were found. The monster which weighs 215 pounds was caught in a net after a terrific battlle. The shark is one of the gray variety and is of the man eating species. It is believed that this is only one of a shoal of man-eaters hovering close to the Jersey shore.

2. Four Killed By Sea Monster ("The Daily Ardmoreite" Newspaper)

Beach resorts near New York were thoroughly alarmed by the recent attacks of sharks on bathers, resulting in four deaths and one maiming, and feared the killing of the season unless the shark were captured speedily. Hundreds of men, with rifles, spears, dynamite and nets, searched New Jersey waters for the man eating shark that in its third attack since July 2 killed two men and two boys and maimed another boy. The scare that has gone the rounds of many New Jersey resorts since the first shark raid on bathers has not reached Coney Island and other places near New York, but bathhouse keepers said they would take precautions against a visit from sharks, although they do not believe there is any danger.

Life guards will be stationed beyond the life lines to watch for possible approach, and if necessary the men will be armed. Fishermen will be stationed on piers with baited shark hooks. Men familiar with the habits of fish are frankly puzzled over the shark raids. Assuming that one man eater is responsible, it must have a long beat. It has been seen at Spring Lake, N. J., and at Bridgehampton, N. Y. If it is the same shark that went to Matteawan it must have skirted all of the lower bay of New York and at some time within the last few days passed Coney Island and the Rockaways. Pictures show a crowded bathing beach near New York and a an eating shark.

 Texts and Illustrations: Source 01 and 02 | In the USA, anything published in and before 1922 is not protected under copyright. No permission is needed to use it.  


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