Pleasant chores

very spring I see the same picture.
Sparrows, already before the arrival of the starlings, are occupied by birdhouses.


So what to do? For them, no one builds housing.
And they have to adapt the cheekily occupied apartments to their dimensions.

And here they have no equal.


They with such diligence reduce the height of the ceiling of the dwelling, dragging branches, down, blade of grass, thereby reducing the distance to the top of the birdhouse.
Otherwise, the grown up chicks from the depths of the birdhouse cannot get out, and the legs are short and cannot yet take off.

See how warlike this sparrow looks.

He clearly does not like my interest in the housing he has chosen.

And with all his appearance he is talking about this.
Klyuvik zadra to the top, the tail fluffed up.
So adorable, hoping to scare me.

And around the other passerine pairs actively settled nesting boxes.


Periodically resting on the works of the righteous on the twigs.
With pleasure basking in the rays of the spring sun.

Do not forget to feed the birds in winter.
It is difficult for them to survive the cold season without the help of people.

And then in the spring they will also be actively preparing for the continuation of the race.


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