Everyday is Caturday, right?! 😻

Hiii Catlovers en fellow Steemers,

Cuteness overload for all the #catlovers here on #Steemit. These pics are just a few of my sweet cats that I look after for my animal care service here in my hometown Maastricht in The Netherlands.

To follow my daily adventures check: Crazy Cats dierenverzorgservice

Show me your sweet furrbaby in the comments ❤️👇🏻
Happy weekend!!

Love Nathalie 😘
Travelling Vet Nurse



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Thanks for that...sounds very complicated my friend 😁

A healthy cat has a temperature between 38 and 39 degrees Celcius.

Very true... love your cat facts hihi 😻

Kittens remain with their mother till the age of 9 weeks.

Fair bit of cuteness going on there :) The blue eyes on that one kitty!

yes that is Tommie....such a gorgeous boy 😻

There beautiful and all so different. How many do you have?
I dont know if you're aware of who took out the 2018 award for best model. Miss meow meow.20180311_135443~3.jpg

Cheeck out her tribute page I uploaded 10 hours ago @Sanddrift

Ahhh so cute!! Thanks for sharing...I only have two cats...the others are all clients of mine...I have a pet sitter service so I go around their house to look after them. 😻

Those are some beautiful cats you get to take care of! There must be something very relaxing about being around so much cat energy!


Thank you for your comment. Yes totally love taking care of them...especially when they are so sweet and cuddly...makes you calm indeed 👌🏻😻

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