I kind of got busted on this one...

The thing with taking photos of wild animals in their natural habitat is to be inconspicuous and to take candid photos of wild animals simply being wild animals. To be able to capture a certain behaviour without interfering with them is a combination of patience and well.. to be honest, luck. For example, a breaching orca or a leopard seal yawning on an ice on Christmas Day, 2017.

This day however, in the South Shetland Islands was a special one with a small breeding colony of Gentoo Penguins and their chicks. At the moment I took the photo this one chick spotted me and I was busted... No doubt, I looked like a bizarre giant with a blue and yellow coloured skin but either way its a moment we acknowledged one another.

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Shetland Islands, Scotland? I really want to visit those islands.


not the shetland islands in Scotland. The South Shetland Islands off the Antarctic peninsula

Oh I just fell inlove with this one. I understand what you mean with being inconspicuous. But when the little guy noticed you and saw straight at the camera, it made this shot magical due to the complicity you see in it. I love it.


Thanks!! I am stoked you loved the shot. just lucky in that small moment.

that photograph reflects the purest and most real love


thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it

How amazing that your photography is the best
That is real imagined us being in that picture...

Is it penguin?


that it is! A Gentoo penguin 😊

Tremendous animal photography. The penguins look extremely cute and a bit stylish though. Great click
Really liked the bokeh.


thanks! I am really happy you enjoyed the post

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Admit it. You yelled out "Say cheese" didn't you.


hahaha!! I swear I didn't..