Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal | Animal Photography

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It's a rare blessing to be able to see a Hawaiian Monk Seal sprawled out on the shoreline. Reported numbers of this amazing endangered creature are documented at less than 1400, with very little success in growing their population.

It is normal, however, to see them solo and resting like this. They come out of the water anywhere between 12 to 24 hours. This gal spent about three days here. I remember connecting with her on a deeper level than I had connected with any of the monks I'd seen before. I felt her weary sorrow, her loneliness, her cries to find her tribe.

I sat and wept with her, in the nightfall, sending her love and warming energy as I prayed and meditated by her side. It was an honor for me. Her beauty is a gift.

I'm entering her into the animal photography contest sponsored by @juliak more for awareness than the challenge of winning, like most other days I enter.

Feel free to learn more about the Hawaiian Monk Seal.
Donate. Raise Awareness. Send out prayers for their return. Any action helps.


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Ah, thanks @super-grand-ad! I appreciate your attraction and the beauty we can create on Steemit.

I have had the pleasure of seeing a monk seal on the beach in Hawaii. I liked how the life guards put cones around it, to keep people from bothering him while it sunbathed.

Yes, those are usually volunteers that come out and protect the seal from onlookers and tourists from getting too close and disturbing. They'll educate the public at the same time in a friendly way. Cheers to the Monk Seal! I'm glad you got to see one. ☮️

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