Great Blue Heron

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Great Blue Heron

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There is a small group of pines by the Melbourne Causeway in Florida that is a popular nesting area for Great Blue Heron. It was one of my favorite spots for capturing great wildlife shots. I took this one in the early evening around sunset. The setting sun gave the heron's plumage a golden tint while the strong breeze ruffled his feathers a bit.

Herons can be found throughout North America. Their primary diet is fish, however they are opportunistic feeders and will eat shrimp, crabs, insects and small rodents. They generally breed in colonies in trees close to lakes or wetlands.

Category animalphotography
Settings f/7.1 1/400 sec 300.0 mm ISO 800
Camera Canon 60D
Lens Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Location Melbourne Florida

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Nice post


Thank you!


Welcome dear

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Thank you very much!

Dang, it really looks majestic!
Ámazing shot, great Post, i just had to follow, i make Pictures too, but just with a dang old Phone and a bit of irfanview's editing Magic, thats like nothing compared to that awesome Picture you made.

  • And of course i Upvoted and Resteem'd your Post, that effort you put into that great designed Post shall be noticed more, quite a lot more!

I use another way to enlarge Images, just as an example use a bit of your fine pic.

  • Also just the head
  1. This ![](] Is the Pic you see first, just add [] around it.
  2. Add the next one for the enlarged version ( need to remove ![] and done.

it should look like this


I just told you this because i #learntosteem to help others with small as possible tutorials.

It's a Idea i have, i am not done with learning.


Thank you for your comments and the tutorial. I'll definitely give it a try!

Gambar yang sangat bagus. Hewan ini seperti hewan dijaman purbakala.
Amazing picture


Thank you!

The great blue heron, was waiting for you, because that picture is beautiful. Congratulations.


Thank you for your comments!

I saw many of these birds while spending my preadolescence in Florida. And I distinctly remember a lot of st boulevards named after it.

Thanks for the nice memories.




Thank you for your comments! I'm glad that it brought back some good memories! Namaste!

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I didn't see this Animal before.
Thanks for sharing. And Impressive photography. 👍👍


Thank you for your comments!

wow! amazing shot!


Thank you for your comments!

Excellent picture! I thought I have never seen that animal before.


Thank you! They are magnificent birds!

What a wonderful bird, I have never seen it before!
We have cockatiels at home in a huge aviary in the garden at home, so we also love birds... :-)


Thank you for your comments! I'm sure that you have many birds where you are that I have never seen before! I hope that you can post some photos!


All right, I will do my best. Now as spring is approaching we might get nice walks to take pics... :-)



Oh man, blue herons are one of my favorite birds. I adore them. This is really great shot of one. There is something so magical about their eyes. It's as if they have a wisdom and knowledge we know nothing of! Thanks for sharing.


Thank you @papacrusher! I agree they are magical! They are a link to our pre-historic past!