Duck Raising In Making Things Possible

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Duck raising has been one of the major source of income for most families in the rural areas.

Duck Raising is a profitable livestock industry in the Philippines because of its egg. Its most important product, the balut (boiled incubated duck’s egg), has been patronize by most Filipino's young and old because of its distinct and nutritional value. This is sold daily throughout the archipelago for its delicious flavor and nutritive value. Balut is definitely an exotic food you should try and have a taste of pure power food!

Ducks are generally raised for eggs however when food gets scarce, they are sold for meat. Duck meat can be grilled or cooked like chicken adobo. Duck meat taste delicious depending on how spices and herbs are mixed. You may also try duck inasal, its best to use young ducks for inasal.

The most common type of duck in the country is known as the native or pateros duck. In most places, this duck are called itik. Its predominant colors are black and gray. Some are bared (bulek), others are brown or have white feathers mixed with black/green. Males have coarser heads and heavier bodies than females. Males emit shrill high-pitched sounds. They have curly feathers on top of their tails. Females emit low-pitched quaking sounds. Their tail feathers lie flat or close to the bodies.

Another common duck that is famous in history is the Pekin duck from China. It has able to adapt Philippine climate and within 2 to 3 months the duckling can be sold in the market. This type of duck easily encourages duck raisers to raise due to its high value in the market.

Duck raising is low in maintenance because duck have a natural food supply like water snails. It is highly recommended to raised ducks near the shorelines, supply of fresh waters like rivers and streams , or a cool place.

In our town most people raised ducks for personal household consumption for meat and eggs. Ducks can feed on leftover foods, however you may feed them with pellet feeding. Nowadays, pellet feeding for most livestock and poultry have been utilized provided it is suited for the age of the various livestock and poultry animals. Ducks are wasteful in food so it is important to give adequate and enough food for the ducks. Feeding preparation for growing ducks required grit or fine gravel, you may add kangkong, camote or ipil-ipil leaves for there foods. Lastly, provide a good source of water. If you are near the rivers then its not a problem but if not, you can make pond for ducks. Ducks love to spend time swimming in water.

Create opportunities for yourself and families. In our own backyard we can generate income and food source. All it takes is hardwork to continue on living and survive. We cannot all the time rely on other people, or even with our government! Its up to you, you can make things possible.

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Glad you are raising ducks. Like you said they are a good resource.

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