Cute Bunnies.

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Hi guys,

Here is my entry for @steemitbd weekly photography contest.You can see here in photos my cute bunnies.I love them a lot.They're with me almost like 5 months.But they've touched my bottom of the heart.This photos are taken from my yard.Everyday they play here at afternoon.Their cuteness always makes us happy;especially me.



All the pictures are,

Animal Photography

Captured by @mintu1290

Device name : Canon 200 D

Place: Mirpur, my home

Entry : Photo No :- 01

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oh this is very cute and beautiful.

Thanks for the compliment.

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Cute bunny. I hope you have it as a pet and not for lunch , lol. Admire what you do and I followed you. You will like my amazing steemit blog where I ask life biggest questions in different scenarios . Follow my blog for more interesting post.

Its just one of my favourite pet.And i never eat my pets.Lol.

Excellent Photography vai. Egula ki apnar pet bunny?

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