Beautiful and sweet :)

Thanks and kind wishes...

These baby birds are really cute.

Thanks, that's so sweet.

Green Wings? Those were always my favorite of the larger macaws.

Nice photography dear keep it up

Thanks for the support....

You are always welcome I always try to support everyone. i follow you for your. hope you will do good work thanks


They are really cute, can they sleep with you at night like a dog does?

Not normally, but it's not unheard of. ☺

SO VERY CUTE! Thank you so very much for sharing this sweet photo! Picture perfect! Thank you very much for following me! It means the world to me! Please keep in touch! All the best! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018! :)

That's so sweet Thanks and Blessings to you

so cute .i really liked your pics and now i am following you keep uploading these types of pictures

Thanks for your support, I follow you as well...

Thanks alot man

Aww i love this. So cute 💕

so pretty, I love them when they are at this age. I have a 4 year old B&G Macaw I hand fed and love him so much. Love your post

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Thats awesome... They are such great birds

How adorable! Those baby Macaws are so colourful even at this young age @kaminmorrow Beautiful photos.

Thank you... I think so to

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