Beetle, Primates and a Dog.

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Insect Mandibles - Wild Hands - Friendly Paws - All in the week that was...

Big, Small Everything Is Here For Good Reason, this week was World Wildlife Conservation Day should be every day, none the less this got me thinking about this last week in at home and around my garden.

Stag Beetle


Seeing the Stag Beetle on the wall sunning itself, a rare sighting you just don't see these guys around often, on doing some research I did find there have been sightings in our region, they live underground and do not come out too often, which I did not realize when I photographed him.

Apparently they may live underground for up to 3 - 7 years developing from a larvae to an adult beetle, waiting for the right temperature to complete the cycle.


Another amazing fact I learned is these insects are being sold, who in their right mind plunders nature like this? The Most Expensive Insect In The World


With all our recent rains, this fascinating beetle came out to enjoy the sun, my lucky day.

Vervet Monkeys

Around the corner I settled behind the courtyard wall to photograph the monkeys arriving with their babies, the troops are getting bigger, I'm sure the babies are having babies, we have never had a bad incidents with Vervet Monkeys, other than rare occasion of raiding the pantry inside the house.

Events unfurled completely different, on Saturday took a pic of Woody with the monkey watching him go past, lead guy obviously making sure the path was clear also checking if any food was available on the bird feeder before the rest arrived.


Vervet Monkey family feeding together on the bird feeder Monday, they tend to keep similar routes once the have established into an area.


Tuesday family arrived went through early morning, look at this cute little face watching goings on from the comfort of his ride.


Later in the afternoon the dog went outdoors, much to our surprise his bark and yelp told a story we never expected. Family of monkey were on the further side of the garden he must have rounded the corner straight onto the family eating a loaf of bread stolen from some ones home, settled down on the ground. Not witnessing what happened we can only assume the mothers and babies had relaxed to feast and a male attacked the dog.


Four stitches later, loaded up with anti-biotics poor Woody will have to be walked around the garden with supervision till these babies are bigger or the troop move along finding other places to feed. Development in our region is commandeering all the land they enjoyed. Neither animal is to blame, this is what happens when you are between a rock and a hard place finding food and shelter.


Misconception is Vervet Monkeys carry rabies, more likely if your dog has not had his updated rabies shot the pet will pass Rabies onto the Wildlife.

Lesser Bushbaby


Let's go back to Sunday afternoon sitting indoors arranging family events, my peripheral vision caught movement on the curtain pelmet in my study, was I seeing things, a Bushbaby now those I definitely know do not live in town, abruptly ending my conversation with family member I must have burbled something along the lines "I don't believe this, I have a Nagapie in my room, I will phone back soon".

Promptly dialed animal rescue who requested a photograph be What's App'ed to them for identification, then asked if I would sit quietly and watch till they could arrive.


Re-arranged the room quickly moving Woody (Sunday prior monkey attack) to my son to watch over him while I did baby sitting of the Bushbaby, did not need hysterical dog and Africa's smallest primate being upset, also known as a Galagos


Rescue arrived a couple of hours later, identification was a Lesser Nagapie not from the coastal belt at all, but lives inland in the Limpopo region.

Phoning the following day it had already been arranged Happy Harold (yes I named him), was being transferred Monday night to his region, "leaving on an airplane" where a rescue team who deal with these little primates will welcome him.


My gratitude seeing one up close will rank high on my list of surprise visitors, my wish is he is young enough to rehabilitate back into the wild and live a normal life.


How can people steal animals from the wild, take them away from their surroundings, cage them as a pet which is totally illegal! Who thinks they are able to be a surrogate mum to a tree gum and insect eating primate, has this world gone mad?

How he entered our home I have no idea, ironically the night prior we had commented about the sound being made in the bush in the church grounds across the road. Living here forty years they have never been sighted, nor heard by their distinctive cry at night this far South, we have on one occasion thirty-five years ago seen one far up on the North Coast at night going to a camping site ablution block.

I have purposefully left this for last in my wildlife, considering posts do get shared most are lazy to read, due to the illegality of the matter, safeguarding both the animal rescue (who I did not name for good reason, their hands are full) from people who try "claim back" these "pets", as well as the animal, may he life a long and happy life.

Thinking aloud... Perhaps it would be great if small fictional characters became fact. I am referring to the Mogwai depicted as furry, cute and curious little beings in "Gremlins" movie that transformed into reptilian highly destructive creatures called Gremlins, now that would bring a smile to my face.

Thought for Today: This world is a harsh place, this world. " ~ African Zulu Proverb

All photography is my own, simply resized to making loading easier, research and writing is my own with links for anyone interested to read more about wildlife in Africa.

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Such cool shots of the beetles and other things sorry to hear your dog get attacked i hope he heals quickly

Dog will recover soon enough he is tough just a surprise altercation, beetle was rare sighting, bushbaby good fun, have a wonderful weekend.

Thats good to know
you to have a good weekend

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Oh joan i love the animals in your country, poor woody looks so sad, but the beetle my my my what a great shot. Have a great weekend dear.

Garden is always entertaining seeing something different, lots of creepy crawlies out after rain including mosquitoes which I really do not enjoy @brittandjosie, have a wonderful day.

I appreciate you sharing these beautiful creatures from your part of the world - so different from the creatures here!
Sorry to hear about your dog! I guess you really have to be careful when there are mothers and babies they are going to be protective!

Per chance he must have walked around the corner straight into them eating, bad timing. Stag beetle was the biggest (and only second) one I have seen, Bushbabies being nocturnal one seldom sees them, thanks for visiting and comment @porters

Brilliant click

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh no, poor Woody!

He is tough and recovering @joelai

That's good to hear!

Wow I've never seen a bat close up! There seems to be a monkey population explosion here, tons of babies at the moment! They also eat everything we put on the bird feeder, really fill of mischief;) Interesting post @joanstewart!

Posted using Partiko Android

Talking about bats, my brother retrieved one from his swimming pool on Thursday morning up in your area @lizelle, released him as soon the evening fell and he went off into the night.

Nagapie (Bushbaby) in the wrong region completely, really hope he is able to be rehabilitated into the wild again.

Vervet Monkey troops appear to be growing in number, constant fighting for territory.

LOL and I called the poor Nagapie a bat;);) That's what happens when you scan and reply to a post in between eating and get distracted by guests calling! Blush blush blush!

Ha ha @lizelle we do tend scan read from time to time, have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all your visitors over your busy time of the year.

What an amazing collection of wildlife in your backyard, @joanstewart! Poor Woody - our dog has nearly had a close encounter with porcupines and coyotes, but Sandy's luckily not gone through what your doggie did. And I get the feeling that Bushbaby picked you specifically, and smartly too - seems like you were their best chance to be taken care of properly. I don't get people sometimes, thinking that they can take whatever they want, and consequences be damned. And yes, I like the idea of Gremlins being real sometimes!

Hope you have an amazing weekend, Joan!

@tipu curate

Thanks for visiting and curate @traciyork Woody is on the road to recovery stitches will come out soon, he definitely does not like monkeys since this incidence so will have to walk with him during the day, fortunately they are not around at night.

Seeing a Bushbaby like this really annoyed me since one never knows how long he has been out of the wild, whether he will ever make a full recovery.

Stag Beetle really another exceptional sighting.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep your doggie safe, a run in with either porcupine or coyotes will not go well for a dog.

So sad to see that little bush baby inside a house Lady Joan. Even hedgehogs should not be kept. You are right, as the world has indeed gone mad, raping nature and once the thrill is over, discarding the animals at will.
We hold World Wildlife Conservation Day every day and always try what is best for them and not for us.
Glad that your guy is good after that vervet male attacked him. Babies around means that monkeys are trouble.
Sad news also about the beetle and I can only shake my head in disbelief.

I left the bushbaby photography last due to knowing people on FB don't read. Protecting animal and Rescue operators the problem of these people trying to claim what should never have been in captivity in the region. Had the audacity to advertise on a local FB page for the little one.

Never knew beetles are being poached, totally disgusted, yes conservation happens every day in my little area, least we can do.

Have a wonderful weekend and greetings to Marian as well.

At times human beings disgust me Lady Joan.
So many sell their souls for money.
Sickening to see and hear what's going on, as nothing is sacred anymore.
Marian also sends her love and greetings!

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It's amazing how many different kind of animals can be found at you place @joanstewart!

Life is all around us, we need to stop long enough to see it @roselifecoach

Aw, poor doggie! Glad he's okay and will heal, but poor doggie! I can not imagine living that close to so much 'wildlife.' Here in the US we've done a very good job of chasing/hunting much of the wildlife away (and certainly no monkeys native to North America). I have no idea what I'd do if I walked into the house and saw a monkey in the pantry.

You open the door and politely ask them to leave LOL, no seriously, don't become aggressive with them normally they leave reasonably quietly once you show them an exit.

You are surrounded by so many wildlife. That's a blessing!
I can't even imagine it sitting in my city apartment!

I could not live in a city, even suburban life is becoming a bit too hectic with development of late. Nature offers so much, may not always be pleasant it is normally entertaining.

Well, we have our earning source in this city, we didn't yet manage anything to support us if we go back to suburban and somewhere else. It's very unfortunate. And that's why I always think about how blessed you people are.
Thanks :)

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Wow Joan what amazing animals coming your way. I’m sorry your dog was injured.
The little Bushbaby is adorable. Sure is a mystery how he got to your home. I guess instinct lead him to a safe place.

Woody is curled up sleeping on a chair with it raining outside, not a care in the world.

Bushbaby was a wonderful experience seeing it up close, never touched him since I do not believe in upsetting wild animals, they will defend themselves by giving you a bite normally.