Butterflies Settle on Flowers

in animalphotography •  last year  (edited)

Hello Steemians

Today I took a macro image that has its own beauty with a variety of uniqueness and in accordance with the theme of #photocontest, one of which is #animalphotography that I took pictures in the office garden where I work.

"Picture 1"


"Picture 2"


"Picture 3"


Original Picture

Editor by
taken by
Photoshop express
Oppo Neo 5

Thank's for visiting and follow @iskandar05. Vote if you like it and please give your opinion about this photos. See you next time (^_^)

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Thanks @rodmack..!! If u like it, I hope u can give me some your opinion about my post..!!!


Hi isKandar05 ! my opinion is if what you're doing makes you feel happy and you like what you're doing , which is obvious because your photos are great , then keep on................regards.

can i use these in my shutterstrock?


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What does shutterstock mean, ?@rezuanmollah

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Nice shots!


Thanks was visite my post @biti...!! 😊

Nice post bro


Thank you, @saikr..!!! I hope u can visite to other my post.. And give some your opinion.. 😊😊