Unforgettable encounter...

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During my travels in Armenia I came across a young stray Caucasian Shepherd dog near a mountain river. These dogs have a tough existence and are exposed to lots of wolves during their lifetime.


Although knowing that one should not look a dog in the eyes our eyes did meet and seeing how happy he was to find me, I shared my sandwich with him.


All Photos By @hvr

Thereafter he followed me to the car and tried to get in. Unfortunately I was not able to take him along, having to take the plane back home a few days later. I slowly started the car and drove away carefully in order not to hurt him and when looking into the rear mirror noticed that he kept fixing and following the disappearing car with his eyes. This was our only encounter but his look really stayed with me and I could not help thinking about him all the ways back. I am hoping that he will meet someone soon who will be able to take him along and look after him.

Upon my return back home I wanted to pay him tribute by publishing his photo and here it is...

Thank you in advance for your comments...


The heaviest breed, the Mastiff, weighs about 200 pounds.


He is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing him with us!

Thank you @carolynstahl very much for your comment!

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