what kind of strange bird is that / was ist das für ein komischer Vogel

in animalphotography •  2 years ago 

Today I caught this "bird" in our birdhouse.
Heute habe ich diesen "Vogel" in unserem Vogelhäuschen erwischt.

Okay, that's more like a raccoon.
Ok, das passt schon eher zu einem Waschbär.

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I grew up on a farm. We always had problems with coons also. We even had coon dogs in Kennels. But the raccoons knew they were in Kennels and they would sneak in edit chicken eggs baby chickens and just generally recall kinds of havoc. It's funny to see this picture. It takes me back to old times. I hope you enjoy the day. And all of my love to you and all of yours.

Hello @darkstar-42. I think he's a very clever raccoon, hahaha

A raccoon would be a welcomed sight if it got rid of the pesky squirrels' never-ending quest to steal the birds' food!

lol, As I scrolled down, I thought "what bird???" lol good one

Esta muy buena eso del pájaro, jajaja. Te felicito

Lol. They may be cousins. Time for Easter dinner!! :). He is so cute. (From far away lol)