Thomas the cat boss

the cat

the inquisition

the toy

the camera lady

the mirror

the warning

the win

the end

photos by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 55mm f/1.8
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018


Great shots! I love Thomas He is cool! Thank You for introducing him with a cute story.

Thomas is a brown and tan Bigz. And he's big too. He weighs about 20 pounds. Not only overweight, but he's just a big cat.

Very good looking cat! Great photos @countrygirl :)

Thank you so much @still-observer. I appreciate your feedback. :)

Nice story in form of photos! Does cat have a name? Nice shot of camera lady and the cat with the mirror.

Yes his name is Thomas :) Yes, the camera lady was not very welcome in that space that's for sure. She even brought "the toy" as a peace offering.

My grandson had a dog named Thomas and didn't like his space invaded either. Perhaps it's a thing with Thomas'?

Maybe....he used to be friendlier....but he's an old man now and gets snarly. I think he has arthritis and doesn't like to be brushed anymore - it probably hurts him. I love the name Thomas.

I think we all get a bit grumpier as we age. Don't want to be bothered a lot.

I don't know....I feel like I've mellowed.....I do hope I don't get grumpy.

I don't want to be grumpy but when I am tired, it sometimes sneaks out...

Oh I can get downright snappy when I'm tired. Especially if I go through bouts of insomnia.

I love many times have I seen this look from our cats! Great photo story. We have a cat that looks very similar (is this your cat?) Always have to wonder what goes on in the mind of the cat!

Yes, this is our cat. We've had him for 12 years. He was abandoned on the Bruce Trail .... I wanted to name him Bruce but after a few days it didn't feel right. I tried Henry....then Thomas and it stuck. He's super intelligent and I trained him to fetch, meow on command - he won't be quiet on command though....pffff....who can tell a cat anything?

You have a tabby too? What's its name?

lol Thomas! I love it! We do have a tabby, her name is Scout! We have a second white cat named Charlotte. Both were rescue cats given to us by our daughters, both about 12 years old. Definitely opinionated, but we love them. Sounds like Thomas is quite talented! Not ours...they are pretty lazy, but they do talk quite a bit. We love them though!

All cats seem to think they're the boss... lol! That last photo is a very nice kitty portrait. He looks so charming and dapper! Great job focusing on his eyes, too :-)

Meowvelous shots!

So you know how I told you we were having nice cool weather? changed rapidly last night - I had to put on the a/c . It's 92F with the humidity and stormy. You jinxed us!! hahaha So I didn't go out wide angling.

The last one I entered in @derangedvisions contest. Yes, Thomas is charming and dapper.....and annoying. He talks too much. He's a character that's for sure. It's funny, his eyes used to be a beautiful emerald green but they have gotten lighter as he's aging. They are more yellow/green.

Thank mew for your comment :)

Eww... Nobody likes hot and humid! It's still nice-ish, here, but is heating up.

Yes, never call him Tom or Tommy - It's Thomas - He needs a black bowtie :)

He gave his bowtie to HP Oliver.

Loved this! His face is so expressive. :))

Glad you liked the photos @goldenoakfarm. :)

The warning photo is the best haha

Scary cat face. Works for me :)

Beautiful photography and the kitty is so cute and I think he/she loves the camera. Perfect model

He likes what he likes......on his terms :) Thank you !

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Interesting, cat facial expressions that say something. Is he (cat) angry because you photographed him?

Well he was upset that I was in his space - and he was enjoying the sunlight coming in from the window. And, he didn't like the camera beep. Fussy boy.

Great photos and a fun cat serie :-)

Your photography skill is amazing and the warning photo look dangerous .....and the mirror photo look great.

The warning look really was a yawn. worked for an interesting story...Thanks!!

Thomas looks dead serious, I wouldn't mess with him 😾

He's very bossy.....but not mean....and believe it or not, that is a yawn not a yowl....I just made up a story because it made sense :) You'd like him - he has a huge personality and can play fetch like a dog. I tell him to get his ball and he meows and we look for it all the while he's meowing. Then I throw it up the stairs and he gallops up to get it and wacks it back to me.

the cute cat, the great post, great!

nice picture story.
you got me at "the warning" :)

hehe.....ya....typical cat. :)

How I love cats! Especially when their appearance is not pronounced breed. This cat is similar to animals that lived long in small villages. This is the color of my grandmother's cat.
Very expressive photos you have, great!

Thank you very much @marymik23. Tabbies are everywhere it seems. Their markings give them away. Every tabby I have come across has the best personality and are pretty smart.

I used to have black cats of very large size, they were the smartest I've ever seen. Now I really like the Maine Coon breed )

Maine Coon cats are huge!!! I've never had one or seen one in person....I've seen them on tv or in photos. I used to have a black cat named Kicia. That was a very long time ago.

Maine Coon I saw at the exhibition, they are very very large, yes! And I liked it. They resemble a lynx. But I think that it is very difficult to keep them in an apartment.

Oh for sure....they are like small dogs!! of those would definitely be bossy....can you imagine trying to pick one up? I know I have a hard enough time with 20 pounds.

Brilliant example of a photo essay. The story had me gripped to the end. The cat, the inquisition perfect. Resteemed to spread the word.

aw, thanks so much @molometer. :)

Thomas is adorable.

I LOVE THIS! I love it because my cat is Tom, aka Thomas! And he even resembles your Thomas.

He seems to be asleep or very nearly asleep in every photo I have of him 😂

aw, he's cute....looks like a baby still....unless he's a smaller cat. They have great character don't they ??

So funny our cats have the same name :)

He’s just over year old. He’s very active so he’s stayed slim so far!

Thomas is very beautiful... I loved your photographys.. congratulation

Oh, thank you @kenniac. I notice you are new! All the best.... :)

I like the added touch of the camera lady!

Yes, I thot I'd slowly poke my face on Steemit instead of hiding behind an avatar. I'm very camera shy ironically.

Lol, I hear you:). It even took me A LOT to post anything about myself period,(never mind a photo of myself). I had never had a Facebook acct either until steemit, just used it for votes in the beginning:)

A really great photo essay of a gorgeous cat. “The Win” is my personal favorite. He looks like he’s just waiting to pounce.

Oh ya....."the win"....he is something alright :)

He is quite handsome. I love independent cats with an attitude!

He is quite handsome.
I love independent cats
With an attitude!

                 - melinda010100

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