Yes his name is Thomas :) Yes, the camera lady was not very welcome in that space that's for sure. She even brought "the toy" as a peace offering.

My grandson had a dog named Thomas and didn't like his space invaded either. Perhaps it's a thing with Thomas'?

Maybe....he used to be friendlier....but he's an old man now and gets snarly. I think he has arthritis and doesn't like to be brushed anymore - it probably hurts him. I love the name Thomas.

I think we all get a bit grumpier as we age. Don't want to be bothered a lot.

I don't know....I feel like I've mellowed.....I do hope I don't get grumpy.

I don't want to be grumpy but when I am tired, it sometimes sneaks out...

Oh I can get downright snappy when I'm tired. Especially if I go through bouts of insomnia.