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RE: Thomas the cat boss

Yes, this is our cat. We've had him for 12 years. He was abandoned on the Bruce Trail .... I wanted to name him Bruce but after a few days it didn't feel right. I tried Henry....then Thomas and it stuck. He's super intelligent and I trained him to fetch, meow on command - he won't be quiet on command though....pffff....who can tell a cat anything?

You have a tabby too? What's its name?


lol Thomas! I love it! We do have a tabby, her name is Scout! We have a second white cat named Charlotte. Both were rescue cats given to us by our daughters, both about 12 years old. Definitely opinionated, but we love them. Sounds like Thomas is quite talented! Not ours...they are pretty lazy, but they do talk quite a bit. We love them though!