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The groundhog came out of his little hole and decided it will be an early spring. So in Utah what does that mean, time for snow.. Almost enough snow for a snow day in utah, which is saying something. I don't have kids that would have stayed home but I do have some dogs and they enjoyed the snow day for me. I am over the cold winter snow but I know that it is on the way out and it will soon be hot. I guess I should enjoy the cold while it last, at least for the puppies sake.

Luna and cash 1.JPG
Luna and Cash.JPG
.. Extra......

Thanks for stopping by :D


Schöne Bilder.
Deinen Hunden wird es Spaß gemacht haben.
Wir haben eine Jack-Russel, der bei Schnee nicht mehr zu halten ist und wie verrückt herumtollt.
Er kann es auch nie abwarten, dann nach draußen zu kommen.
Leider hatten wir bisher überhaupt keinen Schnee bei uns!

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A very strong bond they have

Haha, yea they work well together when they want to

Animals are the best :D

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