Sharing some wonderful and lovely pictures of my pigeons. A sad story of my two most loved pigeons.

Hi Everyone!!!
Today, I am sharing some beautiful and lovely pictures of two of my most loved pigeons and a sad story related to them. I love my pigeons and often I take pictures of them. Pigeons are innocent creatures and I have great affection towards them.


This one is a ash-red bar pigeon. He was only two months old in this picture(its an old picture). But I lost this beautiful pigeon. He took his first flight along with his brother on a day when the weather conditions were not suitable for a little pigeon to take his first flight. And thus resulted in getting lost. I should not have left them out of cage that day. That day was the worst day of my life because on the same day I lost two of my most loved pigeons. The other one is a red checkered pigeon and these two are brothers. Here is a picture of it,


I can't define how bad I felt that day after losing them on a single day. They were very young so their chances of coming back was little to none. I spent that entire day searching for them but I couldn't find them. I was really close to these two. Here is a picture of the two brothers together,


Even today when I see their pictures, I miss them a lot. The best I can do now is to hope that they are somewhere in good hands.


Arslan Hyder.


Wow beautiful pigeons and I always love pigeons but I always encourage people to respect their freedom and not to put in a cage and still we can be friend with them and make routine and feed them on regular basis.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Beautiful pigeons, i have also pigeons :-)

Woo great pigeons

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pigeons are beautiful birds ! Peace LOVE IT

Yep thank you for stopping by... :))

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nice post. Homes and droppings tend to remain bunched and stay dry when out of the climate. Pigeons are especially enamored with rooftop spaces. These regularly contain water tanks. Any water tank or reservoir on a rooftop must, along these lines, be secured and closed to keep the pigeons out of them. The notoriety of a settling territory does not appear to be influenced by the pigeons' populace thickness.

Yea pigeons like high places. Thank you.

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