Sharing some wonderful and lovely pictures of my pigeons. A sad story of my two most loved pigeons.

Hi Everyone!!!
Today, I am sharing some beautiful and lovely pictures of two of my most loved pigeons and a sad story related to them. I love my pigeons and often I take pictures of them. Pigeons are innocent creatures and I have great affection towards them.


This one is a ash-red bar pigeon. He was only two months old in this picture(its an old picture). But I lost this beautiful pigeon. He took his first flight along with his brother on a day when the weather conditions were not suitable for a little pigeon to take his first flight. And thus resulted in getting lost. I should not have left them out of cage that day. That day was the worst day of my life because on the same day I lost two of my most loved pigeons. The other one is a red checkered pigeon and these two are brothers. Here is a picture of it,


I can't define how bad I felt that day after losing them on a single day. They were very young so their chances of coming back was little to none. I spent that entire day searching for them but I couldn't find them. I was really close to these two. Here is a picture of the two brothers together,


Even today when I see their pictures, I miss them a lot. The best I can do now is to hope that they are somewhere in good hands.


Arslan Hyder.


Wow beautiful pigeons and I always love pigeons but I always encourage people to respect their freedom and not to put in a cage and still we can be friend with them and make routine and feed them on regular basis.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Beautiful pigeons, i have also pigeons :-)

Woo great pigeons

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pigeons are beautiful birds ! Peace LOVE IT

Yep thank you for stopping by... :))

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