Beautiful dog photo

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Maine app ko dog kye photo dekhai rehai hoo yeahi ik acha dog hai aur mujhe bhut acha lagai hai.white couler ka yeahi dog hai mujhe zaida white couler ka dog hai pasand hai uss wajha sy maine app kye saath ajj ik achi dog kye photo share kye hai app ko bhi mere ajj kye photo bhut hai zaida pasand ayaai ik acha animal hai.aur mera dost kye pass bhi ik acha dog kye bhi 2 kisam hotey hai.mujhe dog bhut achi lagtai hai dog ik acha animal hai uss dog kye 2 kisam hotey hai 1 tu woh hota hai jao bhair rehai kar apna guzrehai karta hai aur ghoust khatai hai aur humere jaan kye hifzat kartai hai dog ik wafdaar animal hai hum ko uss sy bhut zaida pyaar karna cyeahi.ik dog yeahi hai jao kabshurat hota hai aur loog uss dog ko apni pass ghar maine rekthai hai uss sy pyaar karte hai.maine bhi aisey achi dog sy bhut pyaar kartai hoo mujhe bhut acha lagtai hai yeahi dog aur pasand bhi bhut zaida hai.


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yeahi jao maine app ko dog dekhai hai yeahi bhut hai acha aur cute dog hai uss ka rate bhut zaida hai.kyo kye aisey achi achi dog bhut hai zaida mangai bhi hotey hai aur achi bhi hotey hai.bhair kye country maine loog aisey achi achi dog apni pass rekthai hai aur unn sy pyaar karte hai.


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