When One is so Adorable

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Hi there
Su here again.
Today , I want to share with you an Adorable animal I found.
Do you know what it is?
It is a type of marsupial. Sorry, I do not know what it is call.
Do you? Maybe you can help me naming it?


When I found it , it was looking at me. so I quickly taken it photos.
Now I am sharing with all of you.


Thanks Again for Visiting my Blog




It is indeed Adorable.
I like it.

Thank you @whalepower

So cute!
Can I have one?

Hello @afdal00

No is not a rabbit.

Is it a small Bear?
Looks so Cute.
Follow you now

Yes, It does look like one.

what animal is it? in my place there is no its kind

It is call Setonix Brachyurus
something like wallaby

Looks like quokka, cute quokka! 😄

It is call Setonix Brachyurus

Good post..
This is an interesting animal..
Very cute... @sukhoi-su


Thank you

Ohhh quokka! A cute quokka 😍

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It's all the creator of nature nature is so beautiful and these animals in this creature make the nature to beautiful will only they are the only who will enjoy then Asia every time every single moment of his life he will born in nature and also death in nature so nature is also the friends of the animals because the nature is the only thing will help them to grow up. Very nice photography and very nice explanation of the nature and the creatures of natures keep up the good work all the best

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