Beautiful deer animal photo

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Hello friend kaisey hoo app saab dost.ajj maine app kye saath ik kabshurat deer kye photo share kero ga app ko ajj kye mere post bhut achi lagye gai.maine friend hiran kye baat kerehai hoo yeahi ik acha animal hai aur jungle maine zoo maine app uss ko dekh saktye hai loog uss animal ka shakair bhi karte hai uss ka ghoust bhi khtai hai uss ka ghoust bhut hai manga hota hai aur bhut hai zaida acha bhi hota hai.aur yeahi app ko bhut hai zaida muskil sy melye ga.uss kye ghoust maine bhut zaida taqaat hotey hai.


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maine uss ka ghoust khai howa hai bhut acha hota hai uss ka ghoust aur sheath kye lyeahi bhi bhut hai zaida acha bhi hota hai mujhe bhiut acha lagtai hai uss ka ghoust.maine sirf apni life maine ik dafa hai khai hai aurbhut hai mazaa ka tha aur uss ka ghoust bhut hai zaida gram hota hai aur sardion maine hai khanaa cyeahi uss ka ghoust.aur jao loog bemeer hai unn kye lyeahi bhi bhut acha hai uss ka ghoust.


haha mujeh b urdu ati heh
bht acha laga bhai ap pakistani hu kr or urdu likh kr kaafi reputation kama chuke hu steemit pr .. vry good lrke

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A wonderful and amazing picture, very impressive on these wonderful images, it is not easy to take pictures like this, it is not easy to choose the place and time to take such pictures Thank you for this noble and wonderful effort. We encourage you to continue you are truly a professional and artist.