Trantulas are my hobby and 10 interesting facts about them !!

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Today I thought it would be nice to share with you some thoughts about one of my hobbies

Maybe I also find out what you think about this topic. If most of you are going to find this little animals disgusting, maybe some of you will get your interest up. I'm really curious about your opinion.
I am the owner of two tarantulas, Emilly and Rose, two females of brachypelma smithi and brachypelma boehmei, some species of tarantula, widely spread among connoisseurs because of their "docile" behavior. What does "docile" mean? What is more, if you want to feed them or change their pots with water, and more things like that, clean up in the terrarium, they will not immediately jump on you to bite you and rather they will avoid doing bad on you by warning you with "irritating pearls ". Although some owners can manipulate them for the amusement of some, I will not do this (although I have done it a few times) because they perceive all the action as being an bad attitude to them and even if they do not want to jump in my hand waiting for me to caress her, for them, or what movement you do near their terrarium is perceived as a source of stress, so I try as much as I can not to bother them.
It is important to mention and is very interesting, the way they grow, as they do not increase their size gradually and over time, as do most of the beings that surround us. They are sloughing their skin. That is, once a few months (the adults) they "leave" their coat and are "born" again with a new one.

Examples of molts from them.


In conclusion, they are not animals that attach themselves, so they can not be trained, but they are very easy to maintain because they do not care much attention and are not pretentious!

She's Rose


She's Emily


Next I want to share with you, 10 interesting things about them !!

  • Tarantula females live up to 30 years in the wild and even more. Tarantula females are famous for their longevity. Even in captivity, there are cases when they have lived for more than 20 years. On the other hand, males do not far exceed sexual maturity and their average life is about 5-10 years.

  • The largest tarantulas have a foot size of up to 25 cm, about a plate of the second kind. Even the most ardent spider-lovers are not one of them when they see a 25-centimeter tarantula heading for them.

  • The tarantulas are very docile and rarely bite people. Many large predators would eat tarantula, so they avoid as much as possible large beings, even humans, and its venom has no higher toxicity than a bee

  • Tarantulas defend themselves by throwing pearls from them to attackers. If a tarantula feels threatened, it uses the back leg to brush the abdomen, causing serious allergic reactions to the human skin.

  • The tarantulas attack their prey unobtrusively during the night. Tarantula does not use canvas to capture prey, but approaches a more difficult technique - it hunts itself. The smallest eat insects, and the big ones hunt frogs, mice and even birds. Like other spiders, they use digestive enzymes to liquefy them inside.

  • Fallings can be fatal. Tarantula has a rather thin skin, especially on the abdomen. Even a small fall from the top can cause a fatal breakage of their exoskeleton. For this reason, it is not recommended to handle them.

  • Tarantula have retractable claws like cats. Because the lodgings can be fatal, tarantulas need a good socket when climbing. Although most tarantulas tend to remain at ground level, sometimes they have to climb trees or different objects. Gripping the claws at the end of each leg, it can get better than any surface escalates.

  • Though the tarantula does not wear nets, they still use the canvas. Females use the canvas to decorate the inside walls of the burrow - it is believed that it is ramming. Tarantula females also lay their eggs in a cloth cocoon. The tarantula traces the canvas around the burrow to alert them if the prey or predators approach. Scientists have recently discovered that tarantulas can produce canvas with legs, not just with the special glands, like the rest of the spiders.

  • Most tarantula can be seen wandering during the summer months, when males look for females. In the hottest summer months, mature sexually male start their journey to look for their partner. If the male finds a female burrow, it will easily hit the ground to announce its presence. The breeding is short because if the male does not leave immediately after mating, it is likely to be eaten by the female.

  • Tarantula can regenerate limbs. Because tarantulas are lifethreatening, replacing their exoskeleton as they grow up, they have the ability to repair any damage they suffer. If he loses a leg, it will appear to him by marvel the next time she molt.

I hope you like my post and share my passions and I want to thank you for reading it to the end, please do not forget to up vote, and follow me, @gospo!

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Wow , this is interesting, well done!!! Didn't know that even in tarantulas world, females decorate the inside walls of the burrow :) Those ladies, we are all the same...


Ha, ha! Seems to be like you say.

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A lot of people find these creepy , but they are not. Beautiful creatures.


Are indeed!!

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Nice article ..i upvote foolow and comment on your blog u do the same


Thanks man!