Home-sewn Cat

in #animal2 years ago

A friend of mine has recently had her second child diagnosed with Diabetes. I'd made a Guinea Pig a while back as part of their fundraiser for their daughter, which ended up becoming the daughter's, so after this diagnosis I decided to make something for her son as well. After going through with her what fur and animal etc he'd like, this lil guy is the outcome :)

Faux Cat.jpg

Sorry the photo isn't real good. Taken on Moto G4 Plus Smartphone.

Thanks for looking


Soooooo Cute!!! Must have taken a while to make. Great job and I'm sure the young man loves it! ❤

Added to the Best Funny Cute Cat pics on Steemit!


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Thankyou :) I actually timed it this time wondering how long it would take, took 15 hours. I also heard both the kids were quite happy and are looking forward to choosing a name.

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I think the photo is just fine, and the kitty is adorable! Great job on this! I hope it made the little tyke feel better! 😊