Boruto E51

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It was the best episode of this series . This episode had excellent scenes , excellent intro , emotional scene , action scene and a little mystery in the end . This episode bought back some memories . A very beefedup White Zetsu appeared on this episode . It was Boruto's Birthday but sadly Naruto was not there for boruto's Birthday . I think Naruto should spare some time for others too . Maybe it happened because Naruto didn't have parents to take care of him so even he does not know his responsibility that well .He wants to help the villagers . He wants to be there for them but at the same time he isn't there for his own family .I think Naruto can solve this issue by having clones of himself divide the workload so that he can spare some time for himself and for his family . naruto missed boruto's Birthday and if things don't improve and goes like this naruto could also miss Himawari's birthday.I am pretty excited about the white zetsu . will they be as strong as from the war ? Threehead mutation will be more stronger than one ordinary white zetsu for sure .The fight would be ugly and exciting . Ego's will be broken .Fans of Boruto were recently bored of the show but this episode have bought their attention back on the show for sure .I hope this show picks up from here and never look down .Kaguya foreshadow was likable too . I think that the zetsu fight will get some extra heat. It could prove out to be a turning point in the popularity and the ratings of this show . It could help this show reach new heights and attract more anime fans towards Boruto .Do not forget to watch the preview of Boruto's 52nd episode which will be telecasted next week . The preview is mindblowing . Everybody is waiting for the next episode of Boruto .


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i like the naruto movie thank you for sharing

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