Four tips you can try to control your anger

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Have you ever screamed at others and did it ended up in losing most important relationships of yours. I am sure that you may not the reason for the breakup, but the exact cause may be your anger or even your ego that had not been controlled at the correct time. If you are a person who always gets anger? Remember anger is the thing, which does not come to you at a specific interval of time; rather it is a thing which is sitting in your head that needs to be controlled by your brain.

If you are facing uncontrollable anger, you are facing a situation that your brain doesn’t care about you and the aftermath of that. We already know that anger is such a bad emotion or feeling which leads to adverse effects not only on your relationship but also to yourself. We definitely don’t want this right. You may get rid of that by using these simple rules.

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The Old Rule- 1,2,3....10

Please do not judge me. I know this has been a known idea to get rid of anger and you must have heard it a million times. However, my question is have you tried it. OK, if you try it how many times did you managed to count numbers when you are angry. The key here is to believe what you are doing. If you believe that if you count numbers and my anger just runs away, it certainly happens.

Leave the place and situation

My favourite thing is to just leave the place. I know it hurts your feelings and it may hurt your self-respect. But you may try to go away from the place and do something other work. This way you can give some time to the other person to get rid of that anger, and the situation will become cool after few minutes.

Understanding the consequences of that

Make a habit of anticipating the situation because of this. If you are at the office and you cannot control for what your colleague has done, just anticipate what will happen if you scream at him. If you know If it disturbs your career or if it affects it in any other way, you will not shout at him and try to control your anger.

Recall what the person did to you to make you happy

This one works when the dispute is going between a wife and husband or any relation for that matter. If you are a husband and you are very angry at your wife of being silly in front of your friends, and you cannot tolerate that, you can remember the sweetest things that she did to you, and the support she provided to you. I am sure there will be something sweet in every relation, so get used to that and be a cool person.


Recalling what the person did to you to make you happy is a very good piece of advice and can save a relationship before it is destroyed by anger. I would also suggest that if one finds themselves angry a lot, they should seriously consider professional counseling.

I absolutely agree with your valuable ideas . I keep on following you . Thanks for share

I should do this rules. Really.
Im a short tempered person and many times i cannot control it.
I really need to shout it out because i feel like my heart will burst anytime.
This is very helpful. I will remeber this always.
I will try.

Thanx for sharing.. Its a hectic thing for me.. I screamed on small things badly on my daughters.. I want to control it bt dnt knw how.. 😭.. I ll try these tips hope it ll helpful.. Thanx for valueable content

i think someone i know really need this tips

also good like your happy job.
thank you so much.
best of luck!

awesome article and informative

Your all tips posts are always admirable from the every person who is stopping by your post. You've chose the title of this post is just what I wanted to see around me from the last two days.

I just recently screamed at someone's who was talking to me unethically and pointing his finger out me for no reason. He was just not even a gentle to talk with anyone so I left his FB Group. That's ridiculous I can't bear such creepy people around me who disrespect me for no reason in the front of numbers of people. I feel ashamed to stay there so I just LEAVE THAT PLACE.

This point touches me a lot to leave that situation and place for no more fighting and unpleasant awkward situation. Believe me, this tip works much more than others. I'm feeling cool and happy now. :)

Please do more such posts I'd love to read. :)

Thank you for posting

The above mention tip are appriciatable and I strongly agree with all the tips specialy understanding tha conscquences of that situation is the brilliant point for me, beacuse I applied on me, whenver I feel anger. thank you !

Very helpful simple rules, keep sharing

Great topic choice my friend. As you mentioned, much of this is basic knowledge, but we always seem to forget it when it matters. For this reason we must post reminders consistently. The key is to live mindfully...

Oh thank you for sharing this valuable information with us and keep sharing like thisss...