5/05 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com) - Mining Community Rallying Behind BRhodium!

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With the crypto bear market LONG OVER – and a new FOMO stage, FAR more powerful than the last, upon us – the outlook for altcoin valuations has never been stronger, whether you are a Bitcoin Maximalist or not.

To that end, I couldn’t be more excited about the imminent launch of BRhodium; which given its unique use case – of “Bitcoin ultra-scarcity” – has the potential to become the “Berkshire Hathaway of cryptocurrency”; that wealthy investors need, and smaller investors want - i.e, “Elite Bitcoin.”


Not to mention, that Bitcoin Maximalists, amidst a raging altcoin bull market, might consider the perfect – and FREE – diversification tool…


Throughout the past four months, I have grown close with the BRhodium Discord community – which continues to expand, in anticipation of the launch. Of which, one of the most exciting aspects is the growing number of miners seeking to mine the scant amount of BTR that will be available.

To be a truly successful cryptocurrency – in terms of store of value, anonymity, and other valuable features – one must be as decentralized as possible. Bitcoin is by far the most decentralized, but BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS development team is doing its best to create a similar protocol – in which, using the X13 algorithm, small miners can compete with large ones. Which, I might add, was a very fortuitous choice, given that earlier this week, Bitmain announced a new mining rig that can destroy Equihash competition…so much so, that BGold, which uses Equihash to specifically prevent large miners from dominating it, is hard-forking to change its proof-of-work algorithm.

Yes, BGold, whose only purported “use case” is was its ability to compete with ASICS – which, despite Bitmain’s announcement, is still trading at a $1.4 billion valuation; which in turn, is why I believe, at current market prices, BRhodium’s launch price will garner significant investor attention.


Whether major miners dominate BRhodium mining in the long-term remains in question – but for now, they will not be able to do so with the X13 algorithm. Thus, dozens; or perhaps, hundreds; of individuals will be mining BTR when launched…making it, like it’s anonymous development team, as decentralized an altcoin as you’ll find. This, atop being one of the few altcoins with a viable long-term use case - and a rock solid “shareholder group” dominated by Bitcoin whales.

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