12/06 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): How Might The “SV Effect” Affect BRhodium?

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This morning, I wrote of the inevitable BCash “flippening” – possibly, as soon as today – of the legacy ABC chain by the equally malevolent upstart, “Satoshi’s Vision.” Quite ironic - as just a year ago, the soon-to-be-disgraced Roger and Jihan (who has already been ousted from his leadership role at Bitmain) were propagandizing a BCash flippening of Bitcoin.

In it, I wrote of numerous possibilities – from further sector-wide carnage to a key upside reversal; either of which is possible, given the extreme amount of FUD, historically weak crypto sentiment, and the dramatic declines that quite possibly, have already discounted the worst.


To that end, I have for weeks made it clear that SV is indeed a major threat – if not operationally, than due to the BCash-like amount of market manipulation and FUD Faketoshi is able to promulgate…at a time when global capital markets are broadly weak, with little investor appetite for “risk on” asset classes. This is why I am principally in cash right now - aside from my BRhodium “hedge” – of a best-case crypto scenario; and as of last night, an SV “hedge” – of the worst.

Earlier this week, I wrote how the crypto bear market has been BRhodium’s “best friend” – in that it has stifled altcoin “competition,” and enabled its anonymous development team to analyze the mistakes of others to perfect its and blockchain, build its investor community, and enhance its marketing program.


To that end, the brilliant initiatives announced Monday; i.e., its “Strong Hands” program – making it the first crypto to yield dividends; its “Crypto Trinity” philosophy – where it allies itself with the only other cryptos to display monetary properties, Bitcoin and Litecoin; and its P2P Precious Metals option – enhancing its perception as a safe haven asset. Not to mention, the launch of its Bisq trading platform yesterday – on which, it has already become one of the most actively bid and offered altcoins; i.e., the first step towards public trading, as it prepares for launch on a major crypto exchange in 1Q 2019.


That said, what if said “worst-case scenario” indeed occurs – in which, the SHA256 Hash Wars shift from BCash, which SV is about to subsume, to Bitcoin itself? That is, exactly what Faketoshi wants…as his goal is to make SV THE Bitcoin - just as BCash tried, and failed, to do last year.

There’s no way of knowing how things will play out, but it’s unquestionably a distinct possibility that a knock-down, drag out WAR ensues – in which, Faketoshi will attempt to destroy ALL of Bitcoin’s monetary value. To that end, this CSW Tweet shook my foundations last month, making me realize just how serious he is - to the point that as noted above, I actually bought some SV in the event he has the firepower to win…turning Bitcoin, HIS Bitcoin, into a transaction-focused asset. The odds of SV actually WINNING, of course, are infinitesimal. However, given all I’ve seen and learned, there’s no way I’m going to ignore what Faketoshi has accomplished, and consider all my investment options.


Even if by some remote chance he succeeds, that doesn’t mean investors – particularly in nations with rapidly inflating currencies – won’t still be desperate for store of value assets, in a world where interest rates are at record lows (negative in Europe and Japan); Precious Metal prices are at inflation-adjusted lows; and fiat currencies the world round crashing…not to mention, stock prices and in some places, real estate. And oh yeah, the fact that cryptocurrency is BY FAR, the best means of safely storing unconfiscatable wealth ever invented, by man or Mother Nature.

Thus, it makes complete sense that other altcoins will be sought out – particularly, the ONLY “investment grade” store of value alternative out there, BRhodium. Heck, it may be the only store of value coin, PERIOD, given that Bitcoin forks like BGold and BDiamond – the best “comps” I have been able to come up with – are clones of Bitcoin, that seek to compete with it; and by proxy, SV; for TRANSACTIONAL UTILITY.

Not only that, but BRhodium - unlike Bitcoin, and clones like BGold and BDiamond – has NOT adopted SegWit; i.e., the mortal enemy of Faketoshi – who claims it has a fatal flaw that he plans to expose. The odds of this being true are also infinitesimal – however, if he is, the fact that BRhodium does NOT have SegWit will also work in its favor; the reason being, there is ZERO need for it in a scarce coin used ONLY for “BRODLing.”

Nothing is certain, of course. However, the scenarios in which BRhodium succeeds are numerous, and myriad – as opposed to scenarios where it fails, which in my view are extremely limited.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]

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