12/04 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): The Crypto Bear Market – BRhodium’s Best Friend!

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One day after announcing numerous, major project updates – discussed in the two below articles…



…BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS, English-speaking development team announced that as this morning, BTR is trading on the decentralized Bisq platform – enabling further, non-OTC price discovery (albeit, in relatively illiquid market conditions) and putting halfway toward its goal of the two-exchange minimum for coinmarketcap.com.


Amidst the carnage ongoing in the crypto space, the litany of relentlessly bullish BRhodium announcements is an anomaly. Not to mention, the fact that its comically undervalued OTC price hasn’t budged – because, well, it’s comically undervalued.

For the entirety of 2018, crypto investors have wallowed in misery – watching one price rally after the next fail…until eventually, all hell broke loose last month. And yet, BRhodium’s development has not only continued, but dramatically strengthened in recent months – starting with October’s MainNet launch, to the past two days’ major announcements; with further announcements to come shortly, like the imminent release of the BTR Electrum wallet, and launch on a major crypto exchange in the first quarter.

In my view, the crypto bear market was the best thing that could have happened to BRhodium, as 1) it stopped ALL competing altcoin development cold; 2) exposed the flaws in nearly all other altcoins; 3) enabled BRhodium’s developers to avoid those flaws; 4) and gave them the TIME they needed to perfect the project. This, as BRhodium holders – who either received it for FREE, or next to nothing in the OTC market – didn’t lose money on their BTR holdings, whilst ALL other cryptocurrencies didn’t just fall, but plunged.

The way I see it, BRhodium’s imminent launch on a major exchange will generate a significant amount of buzz – potentially, at least as much as well-hyped, but ultimately useless altcoins like EOS; to the point that in a best case scenario, it could debut not far from the coinmarketcap.com top 10. Destiny appears to be in its corner; as when the bear market ends, crypto investors will be a LOT more discerning - in seeking the type of viable long-term use cases only a handful of alts, like BRhodium, have!

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected]ral.com.

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