11/09 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): BRhodium Vs. BCash, BGold, and BDiamond…and Litecoin

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The BRhodium blockchain, live on MainNet for less than three weeks, passed 1,500 blocks this morning - with just 516 to go before it is eligible for exchange trading. A major upgrade will be implemented this weekend, to make the mining pool operate significantly more efficiently. After which, block 2016 will be reached – at which point, the development team will install final blockchain adjustments, before launching on a major crypto exchange in the ensuing weeks.

OTC trading has been brisk – with pre-launch prices reflecting the lack of transparency of an exchange, and lack of due diligence by those who simply want to monetize...which of course, is their prerogative. I encourage you to do your own due diligence, read my articles, watch yesterday’s podcast, and decide what YOU think it should trade at post-launch.



Ultimately, BRhodium’s valuation will be determined by whether investors believe it has a use case discernible from competing coins, and defensible over time; and as well, enough liquidity to support widespread acceptance. To that end, I’ve written four articles this year discussing my views – always coming to the same conclusions. Which are, that no altcoin possesses BRhodium’s unique characteristics; and that, given the myriad “first mover” advantages it possesses, it will be nearly impossible to “clone.”


When BRhodium’s anonymous, English-speaking developers conceived BTR a year ago, they envisioned a scarce, private, tightly-held crypto asset that institutions and wealthy retail investors would desire – with a high unit price that would give it a Berkshire Hathaway-like reputation. Thus, they conceived the 2.1 million coin lifetime cap – that will take 100 years to reach, from an initial launch supply of roughly 750,000; and distributed the majority to Bitcoin whales, with little incentive to sell.



Per the white paper, the goal was to utilize Bitcoin’s best attributes to create a BRAND NEW, NON-FORKED blockchain – to be publicly mined and over time, completely decentralized. By distributing via airdrop, BRhodium also avoided a key issue of Bitcoin forks like BCash, BGold, and BDiamond – which is, the requirement that exchanges and wallets split them. Most forks STILL cannot be safely split a year later – and likely, never will be.


All year, I have maintained that when the BRhodium blockchain is complete, it will be considered more valuable than all prior Bitcoin forks – with the exception of BCash, given how deeply this crypto cancer has been, for now, entangled into the crypto financial community…which I’ll get to momentarily.

As for BGold, it trades at a $510 million market cap despite having no discernible use case or uniqueness; having been haphazardly forked off Bitcoin in just a few weeks’ time (to capitalized on the BCash fork’s hype); with code so weak it was 51% attacked - causing it to be forked anew, to mend the damage.

Re: BDiamond, it is the only other major cryptocurrency to use BRhodium’s X13 mining algorithm – and already, BRhodium has one-third of BDiamond’s hash rate. BDiamond is STILL not safely splittable for most Bitcoin holders; has a 210 million coin lifetime supply cap versus 2.1 million for BRhodium; has no discernible use case; and yet, trades at a $265 million market cap.

As for Litecoin, it may have once been considered “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”; but now that SegWit has been implemented, its only real use case – of being a “test net for Bitcoin” – has been eliminated…leaving a coin with a lifetime supply cap of 84 million, whose founder and de facto leader sold his entire position earlier this year.

And finally, the Big Kahuna – BCash…which incredibly, has surged on the hope that next week’s “BStash” fork will make the sum of the parts more valuable; which in my view, has been more than discounted by the past week’s 50% surge - if there’s any real value-added to start with, which I highly doubt.

In fact, the BStash fork is occurring because crypto’s biggest scam is imploding from within, as I predicted it would. It’s uniqueness is derived solely from the fact that it will be merge mined with Bitcoin to make it more stable than BCash – which, in and of itself, proves yet again that Bitcoin is superior to anything BCash related.

And this doesn’t even include the possible BCash-SV fork that Fake Satoshi (Craig Wright) wants to simultaneously execute – again, because BCash’s failure is causing civil wars to erupt from within. Perhaps this is all a big ruse to save Bitmain from its massive BCash losses, just in time to be “bailed out” by an IPO. Only time will tell if this is the case - but frankly, to believe big investors would be fooled by such a scheme is comical, Then again, stranger things have happened in the wide world of rigged finance.

When considering these factors, ask yourself what a brand new, unique store of value coin – aiming to incorporate the best of Bitcoin’s attributes, but not compete with it to be “money” – should be valued at, relative to aforementioned list of crypto failures…with the exception of Litecoin, which is decidedly not a failure, but has a difficult time measuring up to the “use case” BRhodium proposes.

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