9/08 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): What Will BRhodium Trade At - Part IV

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For cryptocurrency investors, 2018 has been a catastrophe for all but early adopting Bitcoin HODLers – whose losses have been modest compared to altcoins, and dwarfed by the gains of prior years. However, the vast majority of crypto investors didn’t enter the space until the post SegWit FOMO that commenced in November 2017…and in altcoins, the January 2018 Crypto Hedge Fund-induced bubble.

The way I see it, the Bitcoin bear market ended on February 6th when the Mt Gox Trustee sold the last of his “first wave” of 35,000+ coins at market, driving the price down to an EXACTLY $100 billion market cap; i.e, the “Hoffman Line” that has since held four times – including after his final batch of 14,000 Bitcoin were sold in May. For altcoins, the bear market has not ended – with prices still falling, whilst Bitcoin “dominance” has risen from the January 2018 low of 33% to the current 55%.

Consequently, altcoin development has all but died, with few new coins launched all year, while the market digests what’s already out there, seeking to separate the scant supply of wheat, from the abundant amount of chaff. Thus, BRhodium’s delay from its initially targeted first quarter launch has been a blessing in disguise – as not only has it avoided the brunt of a brutal bear market that has reduced the average altcoin by 85%+, but given its developers the ability to critically analyze the sectors’ principal weaknesses.

When launched, BRhodium will be a unique store-of-value altcoin – with a lifetime cap, that will take 100+ years to reach, of just 2.1 million units. By my estimates, no more than 750,000 BTR will be outstanding upon launch – of which, nearly all will be held by “Bitcoin whales” that received most of the airdrop. Thus, it will be very tightly held – by a Discord community that has had a year to develop; where attentive, anonymous, English-speaking developers helped holders through the unique Airdrop process, and answered all subsequent questions.


Not to mention, my tireless work in spreading the word of what I believe will be one of the best altcoins in the market – much of which, is included in the below compilation. As well, the World Crypto Network podcast I did with Thomas Hunt, solely about BRhodium, in July.



Finally, BRhodium’s launch appears to have shifted from inevitable to imminent. Several key steps need to be finalized, but announcements regarding the launch timing are expected soon. Not that further delays aren’t possible, of course. However, at this point, I would deem this possibility very low. Thus, the most important question of all comes back into focus – which is, what will BRhodium trade at?

Thus far, I’ve written three articles on the topic. The first, way back on January 9th – amidst the initial airdrop process; and the last, July 9th. In each case, I focused on which “comps” should be used – with the overarching view that in a short amount of time, it should be worth more, in terms of market cap, than any Bitcoin fork - excluding BCash, for now.

BRhodium is NOT a Bitcoin fork – but instead, a unique blockchain that after launch, will be made open-source. It will be publicly mined, but most of the float will be in the hands of strong-handed Bitcoin whales who received it during the airdrop process.

Privacy features will be added, as well as other bells and whistles incorporating the best of current blockchain technology, and an Electrum wallet is being created, atop the online wallet BRhodium is currently held in. Its small float ensures a high-dollar valuation, which could generate an image as the “Berkshire Hathaway” of altcoins - in turn, generating a premium valuation over time.




Initially, the best comps I can find are BGold and BDiamond –which in my view, are useless Bitcoin clones with no distinguishing features. As I write, their market capitalization are $337 million and $286 million, respectively – in my view, modest price targets for where BRhodium should start trading. Of course, these figures are moving targets, that ultimately depend on where the overall cryptocurrency market is trading at the time of launch.

Beyond that, there is no way of knowing how things might unfold. However, as it becomes more decentralized (i.e, increased mining hash power), it would not surprise me if this “Elite Altcoin” closes the gap with the leading “white collar” store of value coin, Litecoin. Again, BRhodium is NOT a Bitcoin fork, and NOT trying to compete with Bitcoin – but instead, find a niche with high net worth crypto holders looking to hold a decentralized, low float, “elite” altcoin with a tight ownership, and strong holder community.


Bitcoin Rhodium is going to be huge for sure. Looking forward to the launch and seeing BTR go from strength to strength.

Andy Hoffman has blocked me from Twitter for the following tweet.


After searching "Andy Hoffman Litecoin" you will see many links showing that Andy used to talk extensively about the massive networks & monetary assets BTC/LTC. For some reason (I think we all know why), Andy has decided to be just a shill of yet another shitty airdrop, while having the nerve to relate it being on the same level as Litecoin. The once "elite" monetary asset (Litecoin) has been sold by him just so he can make the room to shill his airdrop scam. Before ever thinking about bothering to get your btc private keys for this brhodium, please look at the whitepaper. Surely you will be unimpressed and slightly disgusted. Another premine. [^1] You even have to claim your Rhodium to a central authority that logs your IP address, all while claiming to care about "anonymization" ..... those sure are worthy qualifications to "close the gap" with Litecoin.

However, I find his discussions regarding Bitcoin to be very insightful and honestly I wish he didnt block me, and instead either ignore or create a rational thought and respond accordingly (if he could). Also liked the fact he provides different views on Tone's kingpin TA. Blocking is usually easiest when you don't know what to say. It really is sad to see him get so triggered at a calm simple question regarding his true intentions. But you can really see the true character of people who once claimed to be for the new strong digital monetary assets (BTC LTC). But now, paid shilling of premined airdrops is the route he decided to take.

FYI: an airdrop campaign is a good way to build a loyal community around a project. I’ve seen many examples of "community-based" crypto projects that are not profit-driven use the airdrop model as a way of building community. This is his attempt at using his previous good standing & status to build this community. I am honestly curious as to why the World Crypto Network even allows him to use their channel/name to mutter an obvious money grab, but I will make it my mission to find out. Use your own judgement and decide if you think he has been paid to be yet another figurine in this shitcoin money grab riddled space.

[footnote]: Ben Verret Twitter @verretor

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