1/08 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): Will BRhodium and Litecoin Be Bound To A “Crypto Trinity Peg?”

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Yesterday, I wrote again of the brilliant “Crypto Trinity” philosophy BRhodium’s ANONYMOUS development team created – informally “allying” it with the only two coins currently offering material, strongly-followed store of value use cases, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Arguably, neither Bitcoin nor Litecoin is PRINCIPALLY a store-of-value coin – as many of their developers and holders believe as strongly that they are transactional currencies as “digital gold”…like, for instance, Roger Ver and Craig Wright. In fact, the reason for Litecoin’s big move up Sunday – which has continued overnight – was a major milestone in its Lightning Network growth…which decidedly, has nothing to do with store of value, and everything to do with transactional utility. Irrespective, anything that’s good for fellow Crypto Trinity members Bitcoin and Litecoin, in my view, is good for BRhodium.


Yesterday, it was announced that, atop the p2pb2b.io listing that will launch no later than January 14th, Turkey’s Sistemkoin, too, will shortly list BRhodium. This sets up an imminent coinmarketcap.com listing, and the opportunity for “BTR” to VERY shortly align itself, valuation-wise, within the “crypto trinity framework.”


By Crypto Trinity framework, I’m referring to an informal investor “peg” of the relative prices of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and BRhodium – which, though not scientific, has been a staple of crypto valuations for the past two years.

In Litecoin’s case, it has for the most part, traded at roughly 1% of Bitcoin’s price for more than a year now. Not 1% of its MARKET CAP – currently, LTC is valued at 3% of BTC’s market cap - but it’s PRICE. WHY this has been the case is not definable - but the fact is, it has gravitated toward 1% for a long time now; like, for instance, this morning, with BTC trading at roughly $4,100, and LTC $41.

In fact, this is not the only instance of crypto price pegging in the space – as, before it destroyed itself with stupidity and civil wars, BCash consistently gravitated toward 10% of Bitcoin’s price; starting with its pre-split “futures” market, which heading into the August 2017 BCH fork, was trading at…yep, you guessed it, 10% of Bitcoin.

Regarding BRhodium, from Day One I have preached my belief that it should trade at 10% of Bitcoin’s PRICE – simply because then, as today, BTR at 10% of Bitcoin’s PRICE would give it a MARKET CAP equal to BGold…a FAR inferior coin that, as bad as it is, represents the best initial “comp” I could locate in the crypto universe. That said, at 10% of Bitcoin’s PRICE, BRhodium would trade at less than a half of one percent of Bitcoin’s MARKET CAP due to the very small amount of BTR “shares outstanding”…about 820,000, with a lifetime cap, which will take 100 years to be reached, of just 2.1 million.

Hopefully, BRhodium’s launch – and SUCCESS – will help both Bitcoin and Litecoin, too, as investors gravitate to the “Crypto Trinity” store of value allies; possibly, in informally “pegged” ratios - like Litecoin trading at 1% of Bitcoin’s PRICE; and BRhodium, with just 1% (roughly) of Litecoin’s shares outstanding, 10% of Bitcoin’s price.

If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected], or DM/PM me on Twitter or Discord.


Where's Bhrodium on coinmarketcap?

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