1/07 ANDY HOFFMAN (CryptoGoldCentral.com): Surge in “Crypto Trinity” Member Litecoin Portends Well for BRhodium, Amidst Exchange Launch

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Amongst BRhodium’s myriad unique aspects – from being FIRST to be distributed entirely via an airdrop to Bitcoin holders; to the FIRST to offer an in-kind “crypto dividend” – via its “Strong Hands” program; is the brilliant marketing strategy developed by its ANONYMOUS developers, of it being part of the “Crypto Trinity” of coins offering material store-of-value properties.

Bitcoin, of course, is the bottom of the pyramid; with Litecoin, one step up, and BRhodium at its apex – the smallest size, due to it being the scarcest, and the only created SOLELY to be a dedicated store-of-value asset.


Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency with the potential to be considered “money,” but BRhodium can absolutely become an SOV asset on a par with gold, as its community builds over time; and its mining network, with the unique X13 algorithm, in strength. As for Litecoin, I lost interest in it the day SegWit was implemented – as in my view, this Bitcoin fork’s “use case” is not discernible from Bitcoin’s, with 4x the supply and a far smaller community; albeit, far larger than any other altcoin – aside from perhaps, Ethereum.

BRhodium has been actively trading on Bisq for the past month, and sometime in the next seven days – perhaps, today – will commence trading on the p2pb2b.io crypto/fiat exchange…which likely, in my view, will open the door for at least a half dozen exchange listings in 2019 alone. Trading at about .006 BTC, it is up 10x from its MainNet launch price in late October – but still trades at a market cap of just $20 million. This, compared to $245 million, $148 million, $45 million, $40 million, and $33 million for the best initial “comps” I could find - BGold, BDiamond, Super BTC, Lightning BTC, and Bprivate; ALL of which are Bitcoin forks (BRhodium is NOT); and ALL of which are, in my view, VASTLY inferior coins – particularly regarding their store of value (or lack thereof) properties.

As for the principal topic of this article, the point is that whether one views Litecoin as having viable store of value properties, BRhodium’s developers have chosen to identify it, and Bitcoin, as its only true “peer” in the SOV realm. To that end, Litecoin’s massive 30% surge yesterday, to a three-month high, in my view portends well for BRhodium’s imminent exchange launch - even if the “reason” cited by “analysts” was a milestone in the growth of LTC’s Lightning Network nodes. Which, as you know, are used for TRANSACTING – as opposed to BRhodium, whose sole stated purpose is SAVING; thus, rendering protocols like SegWit and Lightning Network on its network superfluous.

In my view, BRhodium will be a top 20 altcoin by the end of 2019 under the worst-case scenario – and under the best case, a “Crypto Trinity” member cracking the top 10!


If you have any questions about BRhodium, or BTR OTC trading, please email me at [email protected], or DM/PM me on Twitter or Discord.


Andy, I avidly read everything you write, thank you! One edit: In the BTR Crypto Trinity, Litecoin is the base (because it has a larger supply than bitcoin). Best regards!

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