Decentralizing the Root Causes of the Fake Scarcity Model with Bitcoin

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People have been beaten down for so long that most don’t realize that the typical hardships that one faces in daily life no longer have the same origin that they had millennia ago. How many actually work in an assembly line? Machines have taken over most hardware production in the last 50 years and most of the rest of you work in service/slave professions that make measuring wealth difficult. This is why you don't understand how badly you've been ripped off.

For those of us who used to work these lines, didn’t it seem just a bit odd that after mounting 100 car doors in a day, you didn’t get to take a whole car home with you at least once a month? Why was it the case that you had to work at least a year to earn enough to buy one car? Did it matter that it was a Pinto or a luxury sedan? The effort was about the same, so why charge more for one than the other? The industrial revolution solved physical scarcity a couple of hundred years ago. Lets prove it using some math…

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The global net worth of the world is currently estimated by Google to be $250 trillion dollars. Keep in mind that this number is very low because the vast majority of the world has not been allowed to participate in the banking system. About 3 billion people are completely excluded from banking privileges and only 1.5 billion people have full banking privileges.

If we divide $250 trillion USD by 7.5 billion people we get $33,333.33 USD. That would be the average net worth of every single person on the planet. An average household (family of 4) would have a net worth over $133,000. Note that this includes between 4-5 billion people who are excluded from the worlds banks. If we were to distribute that wealth evenly between the 1.5 billion of the world with full banking privileges and assume that the other 6 billion people out there could do the same on their own banks had they not been excluded, the net worth of the average individual would be $166,666.67 USD. This means that the average family world wide would have close to a million USD at their disposal.

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Not only is this not the case, but most people with full banking privileges are carrying around $30,000 in credit card debt, significantly more in student loan debt and the US government, now $21 trillion in debt, has saddled 320 million Americans each with $65,625 debt. Where is all of this money going and why?

The raw materials in this world exist to build a home, car and enough food for every single family in the world along with education for everyone. What prevents this from becoming reality?

Money has become a System of Control

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For thousands of years, money has had certain properties according to Aristotle such as being a store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account. In those days, due to the lack of technology, being poor was really a reflection of the primitive state of the technology. Mass production was not possible. A monk would work on transcribing a single book for months, sometimes translating into a different language. Life was difficult, but it was naturally so.

Now it’s the case that life is difficult for artificially man made reasons. We have dramatically changed as a species in the last couple of hundred years. We are now poor because a fourth property has been added to money that turned it into a system of control. This was not possible until computers started centralizing the banking authorities of the world enabling such ideas as KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti Money Laundering) and CTF (Control of Terrorist Financing).

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As Andreas Antonopoulos has said “Banks have become deputies in the system of the law enforcement of money”. When you combine finance and law enforcement under these policies, one is always presumed guilty until proven innocent. You cannot get that loan unless you prove yourself worthy of trust.

The Earth has become a Global Plantation

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Everything has been mislabeled to misdirect your impulses into acceptable forms of behavior that don’t threaten the system. You aren't captives of a government, but instead are called "citizens" given "rights". You are given a "vote" to choose which leader authorities have already selected for the job of president. Then they say that you are free, but do not attempt to exercise that freedom. "Freedom" seeps into all of their labeling at ridiculous lengths...

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(The name of my checking account - lol)

The reality is that governments have gone into the business of "farming" humans. We're given birth certificates showing ownership by a government and given a stock number (social security number). It's all built upon a legal fiction that has very little to do with your natural circumstances that puts humanity out of balance with nature.

The result is that we're put in a position of justifying our existence. If we're not useful to those in authority, we're called "useless eaters", or worse. Kevin Galalae has written about a global depopulation agenda that aims to solve a problem that the plantation owners think they have with their human herd.

Decentralization has solved the Control Dilemma

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Around the end of the second world war, there was intense philosophical discussion about the power of this new economic industrial revolution which culminated with the creation of the atom bomb. Those leaders who built upon these ideas began to realize like Einstein did, that maybe we shouldn't give certain things to the world and that if they did, the results could be disastrous. But authority has been fooled. Their worst fears were an illusion caused by their attempts at control.

They were the ones who created the bomb and this was only possible because of the power of industry and authority. Both industry and authority are manifestations of centralization. The antidote to this dilemma is decentralization. Why hasn't authority learned this lesson? Because to understand the lesson causes its own demise. It will understand that it will have to relinquish control to create safety.

The Crossroad we Face: Decentralization or Extinction

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All weapons of mass destruction require aggregation of wealth under a central authority or they don't exist. If wealth was spread out more evenly and we weren't taxed to death, we would not now be facing mass death. The proliferation of authority is the planet's greatest threat to all life on the planet. How many more Trump's and Kim's will we be lucky enough to defuse before the planet blows itself up? It's only a matter of time.

The only answer is to decentralize all weapons, to break down massive aggregation of wealth by governments bent on doing harm. We are trading terrorists wearing turbans and wielding machine guns for terrorists wearing business suits and wielding nukes. The warm fuzzy feeling your politicians instill in you for the latter is a dangerous illusion that the population needs to shake, or we will all die.

Fortunately there is some hope in the software architecture that underpins bitcoin. This technology has the ability to replace the whims of authority with mathematical precision and predictability. It is humanity's last hope.

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Beautiful article thanks. The Cryptos have given us the ability to transition from a debt-based economic model over to an equity-based one.

thanks for writing this. My parents were born in a very different world where they had to work for everything. But working they had no problem to build a house and have a secure standard of living . And that with my mother staying at home.

Now our technology has progressed so much, yet we need to work full time, both parents, and for most people it is a struggle to be able to afford a house that has been normal for my parents. We are being ripped of in an unbelievable scale.

Thanks for showing that even with bums not working we can still, on any given tuesday, keep working, but stop paying, and this entire nightmare of a dystopia collapses.

Hello. Very interesting post.Priyatno read. Thanks for the work.

Great article, but, if we look at the current wealth Distribution with bitcoin. Not even 0.1% have the biggest concentration of wealth, so theres also a huge negative impulse there.