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RE: A Reading List for Liberty Lovers, Freethinkers, and Anarchist Initiates (Part 1)

in #anarchy5 years ago

As far as Molyneux goes, he not only spews absolute ridiculous rhetoric, he can't face the criticism and blocks / deletes comments from people like me because he has no response. He is as trustworthy as Alex Jones in my opinion = total shills.


So good to see I'm not alone in thinking this.

Liberty is for fools. Hillary Clinton and Slavery Save us!

Totally agree. He blocked me based on one comment I made a few months ago. Nonetheless, his older material is still good even though he changed his philosophical outlook to Statism.

Lolz so you and I are in the same club... I questioned him on GMO's and got no response but #blocked, peace dude. Followed.

he's definitely gone off the deep end in recent times. used to love him but stopped watching and reading his material.

not been blocked by stefan yet but i agree with everything you said, no idea what happened to him at all... still love his story of your enslavement video though, that really opened my eyes when i was still a statist

Everyday Anarchy is a better book to read than to hear. His audio is weird. He sounds like a cult leader. Also very disappointed that he's turned into a statist. That rarely happens. I wonder if the chemo he had altered his brain cells. Poor guy. I still love and respect his hard work and dedication to his audience.

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