RE: The Dollar Vigilante Performing At The Philly "End The Fed" Block Party

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The Dollar Vigilante Performing At The Philly "End The Fed" Block Party

in anarchy •  2 years ago 

The Cringe is real

LOLZ you have got to be fucking kidding me! That is the most cringe worthy music video I have seen in years. Jeff Berwick don't quit your day job scamming people on the internet dude! Better come up with another Shemitah scam quick!

This post should be marked NSFW because I watched your music video at work and now the whole office is asking me why I am in tears of laughter on the floor. Absolutely pathetic, you know what, please make more, I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.

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Oh my gosh you hurt my feelings so bad. God be with you brother.


I wonder how many people "frozen Tits" has helped?


Wow! You actually posted a reply! First time I've seen one from you Jeff. Glad to see you're "interactive" here. Wish to see more of this.

Why don't you like jeff. you don't believe what he talks about? I like that kind of stuff, I just checked out your blog too and looks like you are talking about the truth too so I followed you. I will check out your youtube channel too. I like everyone who wants the truth in life. Maybe I can learn some stuff from you also!!!!

I agree with you and thought the cringe was real as well.