The Dollar Vigilante Performing At The Philly "End The Fed" Block Party

in anarchy •  2 years ago 

On September 9th, I would like to invite you to join me at the Philly “End the Fed” block party!

Join us as we shut down the entire block in front of the Federal Reserve building in Philadelphia, not to protest or shout, but to have fun, connect, network and enjoy ourselves as we bring more light to the issue of central banking, fiat currency, economic controls and the solution to these problems, and many others.

And it will be my first public performance of my hit song, Bitcoin All The Way Up, where I’ll recite the lyrics, “F**k You, Ben Bernanke” on the steps of the Fed.

It should be a great time and a lot of my freedom friends will also be there including Adam Kokesh and many more.

Come join us to celebrate the rise of bitcoin, which as we speak is hitting all-time highs... and the looming demise of the Federal Reserve.

And if you want to join like minded people this February for the largest Voluntaryist/Anarcho-capitalist event in the world, join us Anarchapulco, in Acapulco, Mexico!

Also, you have four days remaining to take advantage of the early bird discount here:

See you down here!

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The Cringe is real

LOLZ you have got to be fucking kidding me! That is the most cringe worthy music video I have seen in years. Jeff Berwick don't quit your day job scamming people on the internet dude! Better come up with another Shemitah scam quick!

This post should be marked NSFW because I watched your music video at work and now the whole office is asking me why I am in tears of laughter on the floor. Absolutely pathetic, you know what, please make more, I haven't laughed this hard in awhile.


Oh my gosh you hurt my feelings so bad. God be with you brother.


I wonder how many people "frozen Tits" has helped?


Wow! You actually posted a reply! First time I've seen one from you Jeff. Glad to see you're "interactive" here. Wish to see more of this.


Why don't you like jeff. you don't believe what he talks about? I like that kind of stuff, I just checked out your blog too and looks like you are talking about the truth too so I followed you. I will check out your youtube channel too. I like everyone who wants the truth in life. Maybe I can learn some stuff from you also!!!!


I agree with you and thought the cringe was real as well.

Your bitcoin rap is totally awesome! I'm following you and upvoting!! Keep posting more videos and articles Dollarvigilante!!

That would be awesome to join that event in mexico. sounds like a good time!

good video

end it for us Jeff

lol wish i was there

See you there Mr. Berwick!

Man that will be a sweet day in history when the FED falls...


Feed the government!
Or was I looking for a different f word?!/v/ragetester/6xicf9st
Truth revealed on old tv show, people still ignorant...


AWESOME clip!! It's amazing how the people in this country were told exactly what was going to happen, ON MAIN STREAM TV shows!! no less, and they still got away with it. Thanks for share. that was great!

ya vibes are intriguing. lol

Let's go champ

Thank you for continuing to run these contests!

Fck the FED free at last! Viva la Bitcoin!


I don't consider myself an anarchist, but this seems cool.

What's the alternative to the Fed? Go back to gold standard?


I think the narrative being pushed right now is cryptocurrency, but a tangible one is the only way it could actually have any value. One backed by gold/silver/platinum...somthing, but then we instantly get into the manipulation situation again. So...good question.

Love It!

I Love what Jeff Berwick has shared with Humanity. Jeff and his Dog Walks with a sprinkling of Wisdom should be a start for people to make a change in a Positive way in their own lives............................STEEM On !

i like it

ive been there, i also liked it

I'm originally from Philadelphia, wish that I could be there! I'm surprised that you can find so many like minded people in that city!

Good luck everyone🌞

i love how you always use 3rd person ahaha outstanding! Anarch on my friend. Hope to run into you someday on the beach.

Hahaha. Nice rap music jeff. Way to rock up.

fuck the government

If I am off of work I will make the day trip to Philly. Nice to see TDV here on the east coast.

Sounds like a party with purpose to me! Rock On / STEEM On JB

We're counting on you!

I read your whole post i really liked it i appreciate your hard work keep it up

This Bitcoin All The Up rap is insane,i wish i was there to watch you perform it live.

am a big fan coming !

So dope

Upvoted, re$teemed & following!

Love it! Also thanks for telling me about steemit Jeff . Upvoted

I might have to go to this. I went years ago in the rain and listened to Ron Paul speak.

Maybe you should come down here to Jekyll Island? What could be a more appropriate venue? It's still warm in the fall. There are lots of reasonably priced hotels and you'd probably get to reminisce about home with some other Canadian snowbirds.

Sounds fun, too bad i cannot be there, please upload a video after the party,thank you~

That´s a good song:-)) I have been watching your videos lately and I love them.

You can Follow me for the latest Technology Related News and Articles.. Thank You...

Im living for the day i see the FED fall, that will make an unforgettable day of history, awesome @dollarvigilante thanks for sharing

good buen post

Looks neat, welcome to watch free forex weekly market review by my post


Viva la revolution!

Thank you @dollarvigilante, very useful info. I'll be right there.

LOL so this will be a tease party. I would love to see how it ends!!!!

Nice post.

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I think that this work can do part time. Some people have no time to do this work. But i like it. And I love this work.

That was dope!

@dollarvigilante YES!!! I'm so glad I just saw this! I live right there. What are the plans for the day? It would be cool to maybe do a meetup or group cocktail hour to socialize with everyone

Estoy muy lejos, espero disfruten del gran encuentro.

A Different View Of Why Bitcoin Will Hit 1 Million Sooner Than We Think! -

Damn how awesome this would be to go to. I like everything jeff berwick stands for. I just recently found out about the dollar vigualanta and jeff berwick. imagine how much more I could have realized in life if I heard of him sooner. Thanks jeff, rock the block guys. Are any of you guys in the comments going to this? If I had the money I could go.

like and good

Any sign that Mark Passio will be there as well?

signed in my agenda xD

Strait to the Moon.... It's all the way UP!
See you in Philadelphia

I am in Philadelphia now and definitely will be there with few friends to support you✔️

I hope to b there. Both in Philly and in February. 🌎Thanks again for everything you share with us. Keep fighting.

Nice post 8-)


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