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RE: Will We See a New Version of 1933's Executive Order 6102?

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That's good. Enjoyed your point of view very much. I have to say though that the confiscation of metals through force or mandatory anything is highly unlikely. The majority of Americans don't own any metals except in the fashion of jewelry. The number that does is so minuscule it doesn't even matter. I mean let's face it why would these digital fiat printing, free loaders who created 20 trillion in debt since baby Bush's reign come after such a small market? Let's not get into derivative debt either cause that numbers more than likely unimaginable. Let's do however think about the average kardashian watchin' American for a moment and where all his fiat paper is tied up at present....... Yep.... the stock market in one form or another. Do you have a 401 k? How's it doin? I'll bet pretty damn good. The last time I checked the total amount invested from mericans' in 401k's was around 13 trillion. Now that numbers a little closer to the mark for theft than the measly what.... 20 billion or so in the privately held hands of my fellow mericans' who are smart enough to be metal owners. I mean when you need 20 Trillion robbing the 401k's is a much better heist than the metals by far right? Easier too as they don't have to kick in anyone's door to do it. Just the click of a mouse so to speak. Maybe they'll, when the prices do rise, tax the hell out of metal owners to get their cut? Who knows. They always want their cut don't they? I say chain em' all together and kick the first one off the front of a big ship over the Mariana Trench. All of them. Worthless free loading scum bags. Anyway think about this too. Our system "is" a debt based system. It can only survive by creating more debt. So all this talk of balanced budgets or paying it off is bullshit. Smoke and mirrors my friends. Smoke and mirrors. Anyway, that's my take. My numbers may not be exact as it's been a while since I've cared enough to follow this crap. It's the same ole' same ole. Never changes. The show must go on............... Thanks Luke. Enjoyed as always. Sorry for the rant.


If I could have people learn one thing, it is this.........governments do not have your best interest in mind.

In their mind, you are a cash cow.
You are the bleating sheep, waiting your turn to be sheared.
You are a means to an end for those in power.
Your life is meaningless to them.
You are a number.

Now people will find all those things hard to believe. And it is not individual government employees I am talking about. It is the collective, run by the narcissistic psychopaths with the deep pockets, that bribe, threaten and kill those that need convincing.

Just remember, if a policy, theme, program, law, etc. is sponsored by the government and endorsed by the biggest media members (CBS,ABC, NBC, etc.), you can be certain it is something that is not good for you.
Remember that.

Rant away. It's the only way I know of to deal with the frustration, and it hopefully educates people along the way. I didn't directly spell this out in the post (though I thought maybe I should), but my thinking in terms of the executive order is that they may create a similar one for blockchain cryptocurrencies. Some countries already outright disallow them. It's precisely those trillions in the stock market they want to keep control over and that's why the SEC is freaking out about "securities" and they could disrupt the corruption that is Wall Street and IPOs.

We got to tell people each day we want SEC to die like TPP.