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RE: Will We See a New Version of 1933's Executive Order 6102?

in #anarchy4 years ago

If I could have people learn one thing, it is this.........governments do not have your best interest in mind.

In their mind, you are a cash cow.
You are the bleating sheep, waiting your turn to be sheared.
You are a means to an end for those in power.
Your life is meaningless to them.
You are a number.

Now people will find all those things hard to believe. And it is not individual government employees I am talking about. It is the collective, run by the narcissistic psychopaths with the deep pockets, that bribe, threaten and kill those that need convincing.

Just remember, if a policy, theme, program, law, etc. is sponsored by the government and endorsed by the biggest media members (CBS,ABC, NBC, etc.), you can be certain it is something that is not good for you.
Remember that.