Visionaries with Voice

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Freedom is an engine that is best oiled by the truth-seekers and visionaries. They are the people who keep the anarchist movement alive with vitality and vigor. Without them, we would be lost at sea and freedom would drown in the silence of quiet desperation.

This is why I have always adored these people and their courage to speak out. It is their ability to publicly say controversial but true things that pushes our species forward. It is what beckons others to open their eyes and realize they are not alone.

This is why I try to model the truth-seekers in their courage. I try to bring my ideas about freedom from bondage into the limelight. I want to help quicken this trajectory toward statelessness. I want to feel as if I have actually lived for something meaningful. I want to see this world changed, and I will not let the squeals of frightened sycophants or their sociopath masters sway me from my pursuit.

The world has been doused in the chaos of despotism and tyranny for far too long. More people must be roused from their stupor, and it will be the visionaries with voice that help them to exit the current system of subjugation.

Are you with me? I can feel the anarchist dream looming closer on the horizon. The future is resonating within our hearts, and we will eventually win the day.

Sterlin Luxan is a visionary thinker, cryptocurrency junkie, connoisseur of psychology, an MDMA high priest, and the Mr. Rogers of Anarchism. He is the Communications Ambassador for, runs a consultancy business in the crypto space, and is a public speaker. He created the doctrine of relational anarchism and contributes to many causes in the thriving liberty ecosystem.

sterlin good

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Hermosa publicación, comparto lo exquisito que es tener libertad mas no quiero que se confunde con libertinaje. este ultimo ocasiona daños a personas verdaderamente buenas. me baso en el viejo refrán que dice cito " No hay verdad verdadera..." yo le anexo "cada quien tiene una verdad a su estilo y conciencia."

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excelente informacion amigo te felicito

Are you with me? I can feel the anarchist dream looming closer on the horizon. The future is resonating within our hearts, and we will eventually win the day.

I'm with you. 😃

I think we're really close to building the kind of world we want.

Of course, "close" can still be decades away.. but whatever. The rush and the progress towards that is probably the fun part anyways.

Sometimes cable news (if I happen to catch a segment on youtube about Bitcoin or something :p) seems almost pleasant to me, like I'm watching the first steps of a paradigm change and how people rationalize it, rather than it's something to be bothered by, like it probably would have felt like 10 years ago.

The world feels really conducive to freedom and visions right now, still of course with a lot of mess to sort out.

Always amazed how poetic and inspiring your writing is. Thanks for being a force. ✊

Truth speakers are rare because most people are afraid of being the 'odd' one or being castigated. But, when a person speaks the truth they should be praised because it isn't easy

Your article is really nice and thought-provoking

Highly rEsteemed!